What Is Hazel Gordy Doing Now? Her Married Life, Career, & Present

Hazel Gordy is a real estate agent who is more famous as the daughter of a historic music entrepreneur and as the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson, the former member of the Jackson Five, a pop band.

Hazel Gordy, who is now in her late ’60s, was the first-ever woman to have ever walked down the aisle with the late Michael Jackson’s elder brother, Jermain.

Know why they ended their union along with Gordy’s parental details. Read an all-inclusive specifics retelling the bygone relationship of Hazel and Jermain Jackson all in the writings below.

Hazel Gordy Was Born In Michigan

Gordy was born into the Motown legacy on August 24, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan.

Hazel Gordy, the ex-wife of Jermain Jackson is a native of Detroit, Michigan.

Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman Gordy was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Her father, Berry Gordy Jr. is the founder of Motown, a record company from Universal Music Group that produced some of the 20th century’s most iconic musical artists including Steve Wonder and the Jackson 5. Hazel’s mother’s name is Thelma Louise Coleman Gordy.

Hazel Gordy Siblings And Education

Hazel is the oldest of eight siblings. Her siblings include Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Rockwell, Kerry Gordy, Redfoo, Sherry Gordy with Berry Gordy IV, and Terry James Gordy being her biological brothers.

Hazel went to Beverly Hills High School and was also friends with Enid Arden Span, the former wife of Jackie Jackson. She is also a graduate of UCLA and once was a social worker.

The ex-wife of the Jackson Five’s second vocalist additionally was an executive producer on Motown releases. She also studied at the Interior Designers Guild in Los Angeles.

Hazel Gordy’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband, Jermain Jackson

Hazel and Jermaine married each other on December 15, 1973, and remained husband and wife until 1988.

According to both Hazel and Jermain, they didn’t have any romantic feelings going on when they first saw each other. Marriage was the last thing on their mind when they first met each other in Detroit during a recording session in 1968.

Their wedding took place on Saturday at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Jermain and Gordy were both 19 at the time. Their nuptials reportedly cost over 200,000$ and was one of the biggest weddings of the 70s.

They had their first child, Autumn Joy Jackson in July 1978. Their second kid, Jay Jackson Jr was born in January 1977 and they added their third child, Jaimy Jermaine Jackson in March 1987.

The Reason Behind Hazel Gordy And Jermain’s Divorce

Gordy and the I’ll Be There co-singer marriage began to crumble in 1986 when the former discovered her husband was cheating with his mistress, Margaret Maldonado.

AD \ Hazel and Jackson eventually decided to end their marriage after the latter’s affair with Margaret Maldonado left him with an illegitimate child.

What’s more, sources have it, even before Maldonado, Jackson had a year-long affair with the late Whitney Houston while still in a relationship with the Detroit-born music mogul’s daughter. Jermaine and Whitney’s affair reportedly began in 1984.

Though, after a one-year relationship, the Indiana-born singer and Houston would also end their affair. The fourth child of Joseph and Katherine and Berry’s eldest daughter nonetheless finalized their divorce in 1988.

Hazel And Jermain, After The Divorce

After the separation, Hazel took the majority custody of her three kids. As for the father of her children, after making his divorce from Gordy official, he went on to continue his relationship with Margaret Maldonado. Together, they would have one more child in addition to a baby born through an affair.

In 1993, the Big Boy co-singer would also split from Maldonado. After that, he went on to marry a woman named, Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza but divorced her in November 2004. Three years later, Hazel’s former spouse, Jackson married another lady, Halima Rashid.

Rashid, too filed a petition for divorce from the Grammy nominee in June 2016, citing irreconcilable differences.

What Is Hazel Gordy Doing Now?

The former wife of Jermaine Jackson, Hazel Gordy is now a licensed real estate agent working for the Beth Styne Group.

Motown founder, Berry Gordy’s daughter, Hazel Gordy is a real estate agent for Bythe Styne Group.

Jermain Jackson’s ex-wife and Berry Gordy’s daughter, Hazel is now a real estate agent.

Hazel’s passion for real estate originally stemmed from her occasional travel with her father and looking at premier estates around the world. She redeveloped her likings for buildings and residents while on the course of her former husband, Jackson’s worldwide musical tours.

When touring abroad, she had the opportunity to explore different cultures and architectural styles. This she says has guided her real estate approach to this day. It was her interest in architecture and interior design that led her to become a student at UCLA.

A Bit More About Hazel As A Real Estate Agent

In 1989, Gordy decided to do something that she loved that was outside of the entertainment business, so she obtained her real estate license.

Hazel says her rich life experience, designer’s eye, and personal network of entertainment industry connections have helped a lot in elevating her real estate service. She generally serves some A-list entertainers.

Her clients often ascribe to her as someone with discretion, a protective spirit, and an out-of-the-box problem solver. She allegedly is also relentless about getting the best deal possible for her customers.

When she is not selling real estate, Hazel enjoys spending time with her three adult children, her grandson, and her two pocket Pitbulls.

Is Hazel Gordy Married Again After Divorce?

While Jermain didn’t stop his marital excursion in the wake of separating from Gordy, the real estate agent, as for herself, didn’t let out even a touch of a report on what her aspect resembled post her detachment from the ABC singer. That said, Hazel doesn’t seem to have remarried after the divorce from ex-hubby Jermain.

It is yet to be revealed whether Hazel Gordy is married or not.

Hazel Gordy is a mother of three with her former husband, Jermain Jackson.

Even in the present, the former Motown heir remains indifferent to parading what lies past her real estate doings. Additionally adding to the secret is the now 67-year-old’s alleged nonappearance from stages like Facebook, and Instagram, among others.

How Rich Is Hazel?

Albeit yet to be archived, the abundance of Jermain Jackson’s very first spouse has been clear and clear since the ’60s. She may be probably the earliest individual from the alleged big-name kids with her dad being a pioneering record-maker.

In the case of nothing else, Berry’s multimillionaire notoriety since the ’70s should give some perspectives on how lucky his children including Hazel may have been as far as monetary benefit goes.

Worth focusing on is she is still to acquire some piece from her dad’s $ 400 million-plus net worth.

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