What Is Former NCIS Star Zoe McLellan Doing Now? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Zoe McLellan

Since her debut in Imaginary Crimes in 1994, Zoe McLellan has pushed her acting career to new heights. She has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including JAG, Perception, and Diagnosis Murder.

She got the major role of Agent Meredith Brody in the NCIS: New Orleans franchise in 2014. Despite the fact that her admirers expected to see more of her on the show, McLellan unexpectedly left after two seasons in 2016.

Following his departure, the California native appeared in a few modest parts. But after 2019’s Is My Daughter Really Dead?, she quit doing shows. causing fans to wonder what Zoe McLellan is up to now. Regrettably, she has been dogged by controversy from the beginning of 2020.

Controversy is on the Rise

McLellan married Jean-Pierre Gillian in 2012 and gave birth to their only son Sebastian, but the couple divorced in 2016 after more than three years of marriage.

Following their divorce, the couple had a contentious custody fight over their son, with Gillian accused McLellan of kidnapping him in 2017. The mother-of-one defended herself, stating she relocated from Louisiana to Toronto to film Designated Survivor.

The judge agreed with her statements and granted her custody of the child. The settlement, on the other hand, was far from the conclusion of their divorce saga.

The 46-year-old accused her ex-husband of first-degree rape and mistreatment of their three-year-old kid in January 2020.

Gillian served four months in the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Louisiana as a result of the kid’s confession. However, due to a lack of proof, he was released and exonerated.
Following Gillian’s Release, Zoe McLellan made a statement.

McLellan made her social media pages private around the time Gillian was arrested, leaving a FundRazr link in her bio. The actress stated on the link, which was last updated in September 2020, that she had to stay off the internet due to a request from law enforcement.

Her ex-family partner’s members, lawyers, and supporters have been stalking and threatening her. McLellan said Gillian was aggressively seeking custody of their son after explaining why she stayed under the radar. He will stop at nothing to reclaim his victim, our kid, so he may beat him and punish him for telling, she said.

Sebastian had been secure with her since she obtained custody on February 13, 2019, according to the former NCIS actress.

Gillian, she claimed, sought custody of the child in order to silence him. She also stated that she will fight any war necessary to ensure the safety of her son.

McLellan thanked everyone who contributed financially to her campaign and announced that she had turned it into a nonprofit organization at the end of her lengthy write-up.

The extra monies will be provided to public education and legal support for persons like her and her son, according to her.

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Kidnapping suspect Gillian is wanted

McLellan and her son have gone after her public declaration, leaving no trace of their whereabouts. And things have only gotten worse.

According to a TMZ article dated July 2021, in May 2021, the court issued an arrest warrant for McLellan out of L.A. County, designating her as a wanted person. She was accused with kidnapping, child snatching, and deprivation of child custody.

The news, ironically, was not as startling as Gillian’s remarks on the subject. On July 24, 2021, he spoke with RadarOnline, indicating that he intended to restore the truth over the “total fiction.”

The Bottle Shock actor went on to say that McLellan could do anything. Gillian claimed McLellan’s mental state wasn’t normal, citing her mother’s bipolar disorder and her own diagnosis of the illness.

He described how the actress pushed her son to spend an unnecessary two-week period at a psychiatric facility in 2018. Despite supposedly showing no indicators of suicidality, he was suspected of being suicidal.

McLellan’s ex-boyfriend was also on his legal team, according to his chat with RadarOnline. The ex-boyfriend had seen that their child exhibited no indications or recognizable behavior patterns that would indicate that he had been molested.

It’s unknown where the matter will end up because the truth about McLellan and Gillian remains a mystery under a cloud of accusations.

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