What Is FatBoy SSE’s Background? Wiki Reveals Girlfriend, Net Worth, And Other Vital Information

In this social media era, where Instagram stars are considered as famous as their Hollywood counterparts, no one has crossed the show business industry with greater elegance than FatBoy SSE, the Hip-Hop sketch comic.

His meteoric climb to prominence has been extensively covered on social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram. From sudden Instagram fame to assist his loved ones (girlfriend) in establishing a platform for themselves, FatBoy SSE, age 24, has come a long way!

Without further ado, let us begin researching FatBoy SSE’s wiki in order to answer the question “who is FatBoy SSE?”

Age, Net Worth, Real Name, and Height

To say that FatBoy SSE – actual name: Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough – grew up in a difficult environment is an understatement.

Growing up in Irvington, New Jersey, in the 1990s was nothing short of difficult. His background would ultimately mold him into the star he is today. According to some, the 24-year-old was a product of his environment.

Despite coming from a two-parent household, he became involved with the wrong crowd. A closer examination at his wiki reveals that he was already selling narcotics at the age of 14.

However, after losing his sister to gun/drug violence in 2008 and facing incarceration himself, Drake chose to give up drug trafficking and focus on having a normal life with a normal job.

To that end, he even took a job at Chipotle. He was later terminated from the illustrious franchise due to his misbehavior and bad work ethic.

Fatboy – who stands at 5’8″ – quickly realized he wasn’t cut out for life on a minimum wage and a day job. As a result, he began uploading recordings of himself rapping to YouTube with the intention of achieving popularity as an artist.

Today, the native of New Jersey has established himself as one of the most popular faces of World Star Hip Hop’s YouTube material. His music deftly balances parody raps and serious poetry. In one song, he laments his desire to amass millions in net worth (his actual net worth is estimated to be a little less than $1 million).

On the other hand, the Upset rapper has urged his followers to boycott Burger King.

However, it was on Instagram that the New Jersey native discovered his true calling as a sketch performer. Meek Mill’s Follow and rapper 50 Cent’s Retweet of one of his skits further established his budding superstardom.
As of 19 September 2018, he had over 5.2 million Instagram followers.

Girlfriend Is A YouTube Star; She Is Featured In Videos

FatBoy has grown his social media following over time, frequently cooperating with other Internet-famous stars such as Jiggy and Asia Keys. But none has been more prominent in his hilarious acts than his girlfriend and another Instagram celebrity, Jas — who, like FatBoy, is an American.

The **** Burger King rapper and Jas’ relationship is certainly not as old as in 2014, based on his tweets. On 1 November, he tweeted:

The skits starring FatBoy and his girlfriend, Jas, mainly rely on their chemistry as they attempt to create videos that portray the hardships of typical millennial couples.

Their Instagram skits span from genuine stories about couples dealing with their partner’s lack of concern for money to more banal subjects like cheating and adultery.

According to the Fatboy website, the 24-year-old sketch comedian and his girlfriend, Jas have performed on a variety of YouTube channels, including Sarah and Melanie Live.

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