What is Deena Centofanti’s Marital Status? Is Deena Centofanti the Mother of a Child?

Deena Centofanti is a well-known American journalist who spent more than two decades as the anchor of FOX 2 Network. She is one of the most well-known journalists in America.

Deena has worked for a number of different networks. We’ll be discussing her personal life rather than her work life in this piece. We’ll discuss her husband, children, and family, among other topics.

Is Deena Centofanti’s Marriage still Going Strong?

Deena Centofanti is, in fact, still married. Keith Stironek, her long-term boyfriend, tied the knot. In the year 1990, they met for the first time. Following that, the two became close friends, which eventually developed into a romantic relationship. Deena spoke to the media about her relationships and marriage to Keith, saying:

“As I moved on to slightly higher-paying jobs, Keith did too. At times there were many miles between us, but we always felt like a team. Finally, in 1996, we got married- and that was just the beginning of many blessings.”

After dating for several years, they married on June 16, 1996, in a secret wedding ceremony attended by only their closest friends and family. Despite the fact that they have been married for more than two decades, there are no signs of divorce or extramarital affairs.

What is Deena Centofanti’s Marital Status?

Keith Stironek, Deena’s spouse, is the Vice President of Creative Services and Programming at FOX 2 Network. He had previously worked as a production director there. Keith was somewhere in the United States of America when he first opened his eyes.

Aside from that, little is known about Keith’s personal and professional life. He was thrust into the limelight only because of his wife, Deena.

Is Deena Centofanti the Mother of a Child?

Deena is the mother of three children: two daughters and one son. Ellie and Sophie Stironek are her children, while Casey is her son. Deena frequently notes how close she is to each of her three children. She explained:

“In 1999, I became a mom- and that little boy introduced me to a new level of love. I stayed up late researching everything I could after how to raise a healthy, happy child. That’s when I got the opportunity to be the health reporter. I didn’t take it lightly at the time, and this is still a job I consider to be an honor and a challenge.”

She continued, ”

“As my work life blossomed, so did my family. I gave birth to a daughter in 2002 and then another baby girl in 2005. My three children keep me fulfilled beyond words-as they often keep me humble as well.”

Deena Centofanti
Caption: Deena Centofanti with her husband, Keith Stironek, and their children (Photo: Global Stardom)

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Is Deena Centofanti a Native of Italy?

Deena isn’t Italian at all. She is of American nationality and of white Caucasian ancestry, having been born in Hudson, Ohio, United States.

Deena Centofanti’s Family

Joe Centofanti (father) and Marsha Centofanti (mother) have Deena. Her mother was a General Motors employee. She and her brother, Joe Centofanti, grew raised in Hudson, Ohio. Joe, her brother, was born deaf and with Cerebral Palsy.

What college did Deena Centofanti Attend?

Deena completed her high school studies at Cincinnati’s Turpin High School. She then transferred to Miami University in Ohio, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Deena Centofanti’s Quick Facts

  • Deena was born in Hudson, Ohio, in the United States of America, on October 4, 1965.
  • She is 56 years old as of 2021, and her horoscope is Libra.
  • Deena’s birthday is on the 4th of October every year.
  • Centofanti is of Caucasian ethnicity and possesses American nationality.
  • As of 2021, Deena’s net worth is predicted to be at $1 million.
  • Centofanti is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs the same as he is tall.
  • Deena has brown hair and brown eyes.

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