What Happened To Thomas Boone Quaid? All About The Son Of Dennis Quaid

The actor Dennis Quaid and his ex-wife Kimberly Buffington are the parents of Thomas Boone Quaid. As an actor, Thomas’ father has a long history of playing both humorous and dramatic roles.

Thomas Boone Quaid work may be seen in films like Breaking Away, Dragonheart, Vantage Point, and The Intruder, among others.

The Quaid twins are quite well-known; when they got staph infections and had to go to the hospital days after their birth, they made major news. The newborn, however, came dangerously close to passing away during the hospitalization due to an unintentional Heparin overdose.

Thomas, one of Quaid and Kimberly’s twins, battled a horrifying disease for the first few weeks of his life, along with his womb twin.

It is, in Dennis’ opinion, by far the scariest time in his life. The article below goes into great detail about why Thomas, his son, and Zoe Grace needed heparin in the first place, how they recovered from it, how they are doing now, and more.

Quaid, Thomas Boone Details of birth; surrogate birth

Dennis Quaid and his second wife Kimberly Quaid’s son Thomas Boone was born on November 8, 2007, at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

He is Zoe Grace Quaid’s fraternal twin brother, as was previously mentioned. The two were delivered through surrogacy on November 8, 2007.

Thomas Boone Quaid with his actor father Dennis Quaid, who starred in the movie The Parent Trap, and Thomas Boone Quaid, a heparin overdose survivor.

Through a gestational carrier, Thomas and his sister were born. The former was 6 pounds, 12 ounces and came at 8:26 in the morning. In contrast, Zoe was two minutes behind her brother and weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

The reason Thomas Boone Quaid and his sister required heparin is unknown.

The twins had staph infections ten days after Thomas and Zoe’s birth. Dennis and Kimberly were instructed by doctors to bring their newborns to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

They were soon admitted by their famous parents to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where they received intravenous antibiotics.

However, instead of the 10 units that were recommended, both children apparently received 10,000 units of the blood thinner heparin at the hospital (twice!). This overdose nearly resulted in the infants’ deaths.

Dennis then claimed to the Los Angeles Times that neither he nor Buffington had received a call on the incident that prevented the blood from clotting in the two newborns.

They were unaware of this distressing turn of events until they went back to the hospital the following day to visit the twins.

“We wouldn’t have been able to walk down to the hospital to say goodbye if our kids were dying,”

explained the Vantage Point actor.

After taking heparin, Thomas and his sister began bleeding heavily.

When the Quaids eventually got to hold their newborns, Kimberly remarked that they were black and blue. She claimed that her children were bleeding.

According to an interview with their actor father, Thomas and his sister’s blood supposedly became like water as a result of the overdose. Quaid added that Thomas and Zoe, his twins, were gushing blood from every puncture the doctors made in them.

He claimed that because the adult dose is 1,000 times stronger than the pediatric dose, his twins experienced uncontrollable bleeding as a result.

According to reports, Boone’s belly button was gushing blood across the room. They had only been born 11 days.

Fortunately, Thomas and his sister survived the potentially fatal situation. Dennis later stated that Thomas and Zoe stabilized after the first overdose in roughly 41 hours.

Before fully recovering, the infants spent 11 days in intensive care. The incident, according to Thomas’ father, was the most terrible time of his life.

Dennis informed People in 2015 of the health concern.

“You enter a dim environment. However, you must disengage from that and maintain your optimism. However, everything worked out well. We had a successful outcome.

After the recovery, Thomas Boone Quaid’s father filed a lawsuit against a heparin manufacturer and won.
After Dennis’ twins Thomas and Zoe recovered from an unintentional Heparin overdose, he and his then-wife Kimberly Buffington filed a lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Quaid and his ex-partner filed a lawsuit against Baxter because the company failed to recall the vials after three premature babies died in a similar hospital overdose in Indiana two years prior.

After other infants died earlier as a result of improperly labeled vials that gave rise to, they said, medical mix-ups, they accused the corporation of failing to recall the medicine.

The parents of Thomas Boone also reached a $750,000 settlement with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a result of staff errors that almost resulted in the deaths of their infants. Additionally, the hospital was mandated to pay a $25,000 fine by the California Department of Public Health.

Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss’ podcast interview with Thomas Quaid’s father revealed that Cedars-Sinai significantly modified its protocol to guarantee that similar catastrophic scares never occur again. Cedars-Sinai also offered an apology to all the families affected.

Kimberly, Thomas’ mother, was aware of the overdose before it occurred.

Kimberly claims that the night the twins received the improper dose, after she and Dennis left to visit the infants in the hospital at Cedars-Sinai, she had a “premonition” something was amiss.

Parents of Thomas Boone Quaid Kimberly Buffington and Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid, an actor, is shown with Kimberly Buffington, a real estate salesperson with a home base in Texas and the mother of Thomas and Zoe. However, Getty Hospital care members told them to go home after reassuring them that the twins were making good progress in their staph infections. Kimberly claims that despite this, she suddenly felt extremely worried, prompting Dennis to call the hospital.

The Quaids claim they were told everything was OK but discovered the overdoses when they visited the hospital the following morning.

What Caused the Overdose of Thomas Boone Quaid And His Sister?

Quaid alleged that five important inspections were omitted by Cedars-Sinai hospital staff. In the end, the twins’ heparin overdose was caused by this. In fact, Dennis thinks that he and Kimberly were in the hospital room when his twins’ initial overdose happened.

The actor, who was born in Texas, continued by saying the nurse who changed the medicine didn’t bother to tell him or his ex-wife, Kimberly. According to state officials, two pharmacy workers accidentally gave the pediatric unit 100 vials of heparin on the morning of November 18.

Thomas Overdose Later Saved the Lives of Many Infants

When Thomas and his sister were saved from a horrific death caused by certain medical errors, they went on to play a significant role in saving many infants’ lives.

According to Mr. Quaid, the hospital took significant action and pioneered many cutting-edge patient safety initiatives after the miracle.

Thomas and Zoe, Dennis Quaid’s twin twins with his ex-wife Kimberly,

Dennis Quaid, star of The Right Stuff, with Thomas and Zoe Buffington, their twins, and Kimberly Buffington. Dennis Quaid, Thomas’ father, and his ex-wife established The Quaid Foundation, which can be found at thequaidfoundation.org, as a “health activist” in the wake of the heparin controversy. The group works to reduce the kinds of hospital medical errors that resulted in the deaths of their newborn twins.

Since their recovery, the Quaids have also been conducting research to determine why medical errors occur so frequently and what can be done about it.

Although this “was the most terrifying period of [their] lives,” the twins’ actor father said in an interview that they felt a tremendous obligation to “stand up for it” to ensure that no other children or parents would ever have to go through what his own kids went through.

What’s the current state of Thomas Boone Quaid and his sister?

Years after the horrible event, Quaid recalled that although he “went to a dark place,” he and his then-wife Kimberly Buffington maintained their optimism, and in the end, the entire family “had a happy ending.”

The accidental Heparin overdose on Thomas and Zoe may not have had long-lasting repercussions on them, but their father claimed that years later, his children were not just surviving—they were thriving.

“They are now as normal as they possibly could be. They resemble the class leader.

According to People, Quaid revealed this on their podcast Allegedly in 2015.

He stated that the one thing that brings him the most peace is the wellbeing of his children. Quaid also admitted that driving Thomas and Zoe to school is actually his favorite part of the day.

One could conclude that Quaid’s twins are “absolutely normal” given all the happy images of them that can be found on Dennis’ other son, JackInstagram. ,’s

Thomas’s Half-Sibling Also Works as an Actor

Thomas Boone Quaid also has an older half-brother, Jack, who is 29 years old, who was created through Dennis’ union with Meg Ryan, his ex-wife and fellow actress.

Thomas is pictured on the right with his half-brother Jack and sister Zoe Thomas, who is being carried by their brother Jack Quaid.

In The Boys on Amazon Prime, Jack, like his father, is an actor most known for playing Hughie Campbell.

Additionally, he appeared in HBO’s Vinyl and the 2012 hit film Hunger Games.

What Is the Net Worth of His Wealthy Half-Brother?

While Jack, Thomas’ half-brother, has an unknown net worth, most sources appear to place it at around $2 million.

That, however, is insignificant in compared to his mother Ryan, who has earned a fortune of $85 million from decades of her acting career, and his father Dennis, whose wealth is estimated to be approximately $30 million.

Dennis further stated in early 2020 that his income had significantly increased over the previous year. It’s important to note that Quaid claims to possess property worth $21 million in the paperwork.

Even while Jack may not be as wealthy as his renowned relatives, he appears to be heading in the right direction as seen by the critical and financial success of his most recent work, The Boys.

Parents of Thomas Boone Quaid and the wives of his father Dennis and Kimberly were married in July 2004. Real estate broker Kimberly is Thomas’ mother. She and her ex-husband Quaid welcomed two children via a gestational carrier after the marriage. Thomas and Zoe are the kids.

Five years after the birth of Thomas and his twin sister, his parents, the Footloose actor and Kimberly, would first divorce in 2012. Although she eventually withdrew her suit, Kimberly filed for divorce from the G.I. Joe actor once more in 2016.

In February 2018, Thomas’ father reacted to her divorce petition, and in April of that same year, the court granted their divorce. Thomas and his sister are under the shared custody of Dennis and Kimberly.

Thomas’ grandfather was wed to his first wife, P. J. Soles, from 1978 to 1983 before Kimberly. Meg Ryan’s husband at the time was him. They welcomed Jack, their son, together. However, Quaid and Ryan would divorce in 2001.

Currently, Thomas’ father is wed to Laura Savoie, his fourth and considerably younger wife, with whom he said “I do” in 2020. Laura Savoie, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas and a businesswoman, is Dennis’ current partner.

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