What Happened To Greg Paul? Untold Facts About Him

Greg Paul is a well-known figure on social media and is best known as the father of Logan and Jake Paul, two infamous brothers. Greg is a YouTuber who has a sizable following, much like his sons.

Logan and Jake Paul are likely to be mentioned if a random person were to identify a handful of the contentious names of today’s social media stars. Greg Paul gained notoriety after amassing a sizable fan base for his challenge and prank films. Jake, Greg’s second son, rose to fame after playing Dirk Mann in Bizaardvark for two seasons.

Greg Paul’s use of his son’s prominence to create his social media platforms is extremely evident. Greg currently has close to 500,000 followers on Instagram in addition to more than 150k subscribers on his YouTube channel. The section following will go over some significant events in the lives of Logan and Jake’s somewhat famous but less well-known father.

Greg Paul Worked in the White Collar Sector

Gregory Allan Paul, who is now 58 years old, was conceived on October 28, 1963, in Cincinnati, Ohio. But he grew up in Westlake with Jim and Jeff, two brothers.

He was a commercial roofer and a registered realtor when he was an adult or roughly around that time.

The two-time father of two, who is six feet tall, used to audit for Jake and Logan when they were just starting in the spotlight.

Career on YouTube for Greg Paul

Greg Paul runs a successful “Greg Paul” YouTube channel. He, however, lives a very basic life and does not boast about his money on social media as his sons do.

Greg, the father of AD Logan and Jake Paul, was formerly a certified commercial roofer and real estate agent.
Greg Paul, the father, and Jake Paul, the son. From Instagram

His YouTube career officially began on February 19, 2014. His YouTube videos have received over 3 million views so far.

Jake Paul surfing, Delivering Logan’s Bus Across the Country, Logan Paul’s High School Football Career Highlights and other videos of his sons were among the first he uploaded.

Greg himself has never mentioned being an army soldier, despite some rumors to the contrary.

What Greg Paul is worth

Despite not being as wealthy as his sons, Greg is still, on the whole, a wealthy man. And despite not posing in front of expensive cars or other opulent items, the social media star from Ohio is reportedly in excellent financial shape.

To say that Greg is even remotely as wealthy as his sons Logan and Paul, who each have a net worth of over $30 million, would be a bit of an exaggeration.

Relationship With His Ex-Wife Pamela Ann Stepnick (née Meredith), the mother of Jake and Logan, was Greg’s full-time wife.

The senior Paul and his wife Pamela appeared to have had the ideal relationship for many years. Two sons were born to them.

Greg acknowledges that he and his ex-spouse initially believed that love would be sufficient to preserve their union but later discovered that this was untrue.

Why Did Greg Paul’s Former Wife Split Up?

In an interview with IMPULSIVE, Paul discussed his failed marriage to the mother of his two sons. He said,

“We lacked the teaching methods to survive a marriage. The mistake is that we think, “Oh, we love each other.” Love will sustain us.” That is an absurd bullshit falsehood.

The West Lake native said that even though he and his ex-wife took their time, didn’t rush things, bought a house first, moved in, and cohabited, they were unable to make it work.

Greg admitted that after their divorce, Pamela had moved on more quickly than he had.

But relations between the two are good right now. The ex-couple additionally appeared in a video from May 2017 on their son Logan’s channel where the eldest Paul questioned them about their union and divorce.

Greg’s ex-partner responded in a rather sarcastic manner, saying:

“We intended to make things difficult for you. We wanted you to fail, to have no idea of who you really are, and to just be a follower. Thus, I say.

Logan and Jake frequently post pictures of their mother Pam on social media and praise her generosity and compassion. They claim that their mother is their father Greg’s exact opposite.

His ex-wife was a nurse in the past.

Pamela Anne Stepnick, Greg’s ex-wife, is a Lake Wood, Ohio native.

At the UHHS Westlake Surgery Center, she began her nursing career. Pam eventually started working at other hospitals as well. The former partner of the Cincinnati-born ex-commercial roofer eventually left her position as a nurse and then led a sedate life for a while.

Like the rest of the Paul family, she also runs a YouTube channel called “VlogMom,” which she started in March 2017. She too has an astounding 700k+ subscribers and over 25 million views.

Furthermore, Pam Stepnick is reportedly a millionaire, according to numerous sources.

She wed a real estate investor after divorcing the father of the Paul brothers, and the couple now calls Ohio home.

Greg Paul Well-known Kids

Logan, his eldest son, was the one who started his family’s rise to stardom on YouTube. In 2013, he began to amass a following by publishing sketches on the video-sharing website Vine. Logan’s other YouTube channel, Logan Paul Vlogs, which has the most subscribers, helped him propel himself to greater fame.

5.8 billion views and over 22 million subscribers have been made to the channel as of 2021. It has the 58th-highest subscriber count in the country. He is also a professional boxer who has competed twice so far, drawing and losing to fellow YouTuber KSI both times.

Logan had assured Greg he would prevail before their fight against Mayweather in the summer of 2021.

Jake, Greg’s other son, is a boxer and a YouTuber as well. His fighting record consists of five victories in as many matches.

Both Jake and Logan Paul acknowledge that their father, Gregory Paul, gave them the support they needed to grow up strong. They give Greg credit for showing them how to deal with and get ready for life’s trials and obstacles.

He reportedly caused controversy by kissing an underage girl.

Greg, the father of Logan and Jake, was accused of kissing an underage girl in a video in December 2017.

In one of his episodes, Greg was seen kissing a young girl. The video Jake was using was called “Kissing Contest,” and it showed him and his father competing to see who could kiss better.

Greg Paul received criticism in 2018 for kissing an underage female.

Greg Paul, the father of Logan and Jake Paul, sparked controversy in 2018 when a leaked video showed him kissing a girl who was much younger than him.

In the video, Jake, Greg Paul’s youngest son, and a blindfolded girl engaged in a kissing competition.

Greg requested Alivia Marie, who was wearing a blindfold, after initially asking for a woman older than 35 in the video. She was over thirty years of Paul’s senior and 21 years old at the time.

A sex tape was also present.

The aforementioned video, which purportedly was released by the anonymous group known as Digital Hackers, shows Logan Paul’s father kissing a woman who is much younger than he is.

In September of the same year, Digital Hackers published another video, claiming it to be a sex tape with Greg in it. However, since the video was audio-only, it was illogical to assume that Greg was in it.

The videos were reportedly made public by the hackers out of resentment for Gregory. Paul later responded to the accusations on Instagram, labeling them as “a bunch of bull” and “100% not true.”

Instead, he offered the hackers jobs, claiming he could use their skill sets to help them earn a ton of real money.

Paul Greg At this moment

Anyone can tell from his Instagram that the former realtor turned YouTuber enjoys being outside.

The father of Logan and Jake enjoys participating in outdoor activities.

Logan Paul, Greg Paul, Jake Paul, and Pam Ann Stepnick, are all from the left.

He hasn’t specified where he claims to live, but he likely divides his time between Ohio and his son Logan Paul’s ranch in California.

Pam’s ex-husband hasn’t talked much about the romantic side of his life, including whether or not he is married. In a past interview, Logan revealed that his father, GP, frequently chose his sons over his other relationships (after his divorce from Pam).

For the time being, Greg seems to enjoy spending time outdoors and going out with friends.

Other Details

Greg revealed he once narrowly avoided dying from a heart attack by calling 911 on his own in April 2020.

His nickname in high school was Red Muff.

Greg acknowledges that the financial crisis of 2008 left him completely broke.

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