What Happened to Baxter Neal Helson, Tish Cyrus’ Former Husband?

Baxter Neal Helson is an American drummer most known for being Tish Cyrus’s former husband. Although his actual birthday is still uncertain, it is widely accepted that he was born in 1966.

Helson, who was up in Ashland, Kentucky, developed a passion for music at a young age and chose to become a drummer. Information on Helson’s private life, his upbringing, or even his parents, is scarce. Helson prefers to live a solitary life and has not given the media any information.

Relationship status

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Helson and Tish met when they were still quite young at a neighborhood party. Soon after meeting, the young couple fell in love and wed in 1986. Brandi Glenn Cyrus and Trace Cyrus are the couple’s two children. A year after the wedding, on May 26, 1987, Brandi Cyrus was born. The couple eventually gave birth to a child they called Trace Cyrus. Brandi and Trace have both grown to be significant characters in the music industry.

Brandi performs as a DJ, singer, and actress. She also co-hosts the podcast Your Favorite Thing and the Bravo program Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer. Trace, on the other hand, is an American musician who served as the band Metro Station’s guitarist.

What transpired between Tish Cyrus and Baxter?

The happy couple separated the following year, the same year their son was born, but turmoil quickly followed. Even after she wed Baxter, there are rumors that Tish engaged in extramarital encounters. After the divorce, there was a custody dispute between the two parties. After several legal proceedings, Tish was granted custody with the provision that Baxter would occasionally see his kids.

Life Following Divorce

Baxter returned to Kentucky after their divorce and has stayed there ever since. His life following the divorce is largely unknown, and there is no information about his professional life either. Baxter decides not to use social media in an effort to lead a normal life. It’s also unknown what his relationships were like before the divorce. Baxter is thought to be worth US$500,000, but there is no way to confirm that figure.

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