What Are The Secrets Of John Michael Higgins’ Healthy Marriage!

John Michael Higgins is a well-known actor who played Peter Lovett in the original TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced.

“Is John Michael Higgins married?” you might wonder. Yes, Margaret Welsh, his wife, and former co-star appear to be a happy couple.

Welsh and he has been married since 2003, making their relationship nearly two decades old. They have two children together, giving them a joyful four-person family.

The Secret to a Happy Marriage with Wife by John Michael Higgins

In a November 2019 interview with Joyann Jeffrey of Closer Weekly, Higgins discussed his marriage with his wife. He even revealed certain secrets from his 20-year marriage while doing so.

“Communication” and “respect” were at the top of the actor’s list, followed by “but we’re also big conversationalists.”

He went on to remark, “We frequently discuss topics unrelated to show business. I’ve listened to everything she has to say and she continues to surprise me. I’m sure she’s bored to tears with me, but it’s provided me with a lot of comfort in my marriage.” Higgins apparently enjoys spending quiet time with his wife, which involves reportedly having a drink together and conversing for hours.

Before he became famous, John Michael Higgins and his wife got married. Unlike many superstars in Hollywood, who begin dating after becoming famous, Higgins and Welsh met before being famous. The two are said to have met for the first time in Connecticut, where they were both performing in George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man.

In the 2003 production of A.R. Gurney’s play Big Bill, John Michael Higgins and his wife Margaret Welsh. In a prior interview, the actor even revealed that before meeting his current wife, he adhered to a rigid personal code of conduct.

“I’d been an actor my whole life, but I’d always had a rule that you don’t date someone you work with, and you certainly don’t marry an actress,” Higgins explained.

And it was only after he married his longtime companion that he was able to achieve fame in Hollywood. In films like Pitch Perfect and Best in Show, he wowed viewers with his quick-witted, fast-talking characters.

The audience praised his portrayal in the sitcom Happily Divorced. Welsh, on the other hand, rose to prominence in the industry thanks to her roles in films like Jake in Progress, Are We There Yet?, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

She was also nominated for a Lortel Award in the Outstanding Featured Actress category in 2004 for her role in the stage play Big Bill.

With Two Children, John Michael Higgins and his Wife

Higgins and Welsh are the parents of two children. They initially welcomed a girl, Maisie, into their family, followed by a son, Walter. He told Closer Weekly that fatherhood and being a family man have changed him in a “big humility trip in a cosmic sense.”

He claimed that as a father and family leader, you are not the center of the universe. He emphasized that if you converse to a child for more than five minutes, you will discover something about yourself.

He said, “Because they are the ultimate truthtellers, even when they are lying.”

America Says presenter also claimed that his children, like him and his wife, have an artistic temperament. He believed his daughter had the potential to be a writer in the future.

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