Learn About Wesley Tucker and His Bio, Sexuality, Career, and more!

These simple words became a career fortifier for online sensation Wesley Tucker—not only giving him prominence, but also providing a trustworthy channel to expose every single detail about him.

The Arizona native has gone viral on the internet. He’s secured his position on the list of Internet stars with over 1 million followers on Instagram, more than 21k followers on YouTube, and 3k followers on YouNow, following his first tweet “If you don’t have anything pleasant to say, don’t speak at all,” which went viral and made him famous overnight.

Early Life

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Wesley Tucker, sometimes known as Wesley Finn Tucker, was born on June 11, 1997, in Arizona and reared in Los Angeles after his family relocated there.

He is quite close to his family, particularly his mother, as evidenced by his social media posts, but he has never really talked about his siblings, brothers and sisters, implying that he may be the family’s only child. With a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, the online sensation is relatively short.

Wesley Tucker
Source: Randall Radic – Medium

Relationship Status

Wesley has always used Twitter as his sole means of expressing himself, having first gained notoriety through it. He exposed his prior sexuality on December 17, 2014, indicating that he is a transsexual but not a gay person.

He tweeted about his transition from female to trans-male, claiming that he is a transgender man who is now 100% male.

As one might expect from an Arizona native, his fans cheered him on as he transitioned from female to boy. Wesley’s love life, like most of his tweets about girlfriends, is hypothetical but not applicable in real life. Kellie Eastwood, a YouTube singer, was his first girlfriend.

The couple, who are much in love with each other, also collaborated on the song “Somewhere Only We Know,” in which Wesley played the guitar.

However, it was clear from Kellie’s social media flaunts that she was more serious about the relationship than Wesley, as she continued to share images with him on Twitter, whilst Wesley never had the inclination.

After his rumors about Loren Beeech spread like wildfire, their relationship came to an abrupt end. Wesley announced his new girlfriend on December 20, 2015, through Twitter, describing Loren Beeech as “the nicest girlfriend ever.”

While his admirers were enthralled by his romance with Loren, Wesley had other ideas and confused them with a tweet on June 29, 2016, stating that he “needed a girlfriend”—possibly implying that Lorenn had called off their relationship.

Loren Beeech
Source: Superfame

In terms of his love life in 2018, he is still single. But don’t worry, he’s made it obvious that he prefers girls with the most beautiful eyes and smiles.

So, dear Wesley fans, if you think you have the best eyes and smiles, don’t hold your breath—this could be your opportunity, and you could be his one.

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