Was MrBeast’s Squid Game Fake? Player 067 – Camilla Araujo Reveals It All!

Camilla Araujo came to the public attention after participating in MrBeast’s rendition of the Squid Game. While the recreated tournament was won by player 079, Araujo outshined the contest with her charm.

On the YouTube show, Araujo was given the number 067; hence, she is now well known as player 067.

Another reason people recognized Araujo on the MrBeast’s show was the number assigned to her. Player 067 is a popular character in the original Korean drama series. In the program, the character Kang Sae-byoek, otherwise known as player 067, was performed by Korean actress HoYeon Jung.

MrBeast’s version of the performance became a viral smash on YouTube, accumulating millions of views within hours. With the popularity of the adapted gig, player 067 started trending online as many people lost their patient while attempting to discover about Araujo.

This caused Araujo, who was limited to being an aspiring model before her newfound notoriety, to broadcast a Q&A video on her YouTube page on December 02, 2021.

Camilla Araujo 067
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During the Q&A session, Araujo was asked several questions by her eager followers, including whether MrBeast’s interpretation of the act was scripted.

Was MrBeast’s ‘Squid Game’ Scripted?

Before taping her Q&A session, Araujo posted an Instagram story encouraging her admirers to pitch questions for her. The internet personality selected a handful of questions and responded to them in her YouTube video, which supposedly is her debut upload on her account.

Araujo’s YouTube channel is now subscribed by 412,000 subscribers, while the said video has gathered 18,272 views at the time of the writing. The first question she hand-picked to answer was the obvious one. Araujo was questioned how she was picked to feature in MrBeast’s video.

In her statement, the model-turned YouTuber revealed she is “very good friends” with some of MrBeast’s video production team members. The team members asked Araujo if she would like to join in the reconstruction of the popular game described in the series.

Araujo notified the organization that she was “definitely” ready to join the roster as a participant. The most intriguing question followed immediately after when Araujo was asked if “the game was choreographed.”

The model took a slight pause before answering the question and then denied MrBeast’s show being fixed beforehand.

If it was scripted, I would have won. Or if it was scripted 456 would have won. You probably know, I had a little agreement with 456. And I would have gotten half of that. So, no it wasn’t scripted. I wish — that would be better for me.

Camilla Araujo’s Beef with Player 431

Araujo’s supporters were keen to know what precisely transpired between her and player 431 as the talk of their beef started making rounds on the internet. According to Araujo, she was together with player 431 since the beginning of the filming.

Over time, the production staff remarked how they were “very close” with one another on the show’s set. The show’s creator and host, MrBeast, even revealed Araujo and player 431, whom the model addressed to as Britney, to be housemates and best friends.

However, the claimed beef can be traced back to when the two were matched to play the marbles. As per Araujo, Britney outlined how player 067 faired in the Marbles game during the Netflix broadcast and told Ajauro to play along the lines.

In the Korean drama, player 067’s companion sacrificed her chance to advance so that she would move forward in the game. But sadly, Britney did not perform as anticipated, resulting in Player 067’s elimination from MrBeast’s program. Araujo said Britney’s act did not “ultimately kill our friendship,” and consequently, the two are still on good terms.

“Everybody calm down. We are all good. She is all good. There is no beef,” emphasized Ajauro and requested her followers to “stop trying to start things.”

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