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56-year-old Vinnie Tortorich is a multi-talented personality based in Beverly Hills, California, who has excelled in his career as a radio and podcast host, author, model, fitness trainer, and international motivational speaker.

He has worked with several comedians, including Bill Engvall, Carol Leifer, Brad Garrett, Rhonda Shear, Howie Mandel, and Margaret Cho. He has also trained more Hollywood celebrities than any other trainer to date.

Vinnie now travels the world as an international motivational speaker while continuing to coach fitness.

Personal Life of Vinnie Tortorich: Married Details, Wife

Vinnie Tortorich is without a doubt one of the best husbands out there, having been married to his wife for the longest time.

As a result, he and his partner have been able to maintain a comfortable personal life. Furthermore, he is married to actress Serena Scott Thomas, with whom he has been in a long-term relationship since 2007. However, any information about their wedding will be kept private.

Moving on, Vinnie and Sarena are having the time of their lives together; however, they are not alone because they are being cared for by Sarena’s daughter, Tallulah Rose Tepper, who lives in New York.

Tallulah, on the other hand, is not Vinnie’s biological daughter; she is the daughter of Sarena and her ex-husband, Scott J. Tepper.

Sarena divorced Scott in 2004 after eight years of marriage for personal reasons.

Vinnie and Sarena are frequently seen posting pictures together on their respective social media handles, revealing their close love bond.

Furthermore, the images of the two give young hearts chills because Vinnie and Serena have great chemistry.

Vinnie Tortorich: Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy body at the age of 57 is difficult, as most people of this age suffer from a variety of body and bone issues. However, Vinnie is not among those who have been diagnosed with body or health issues to date.

His secret to staying healthy and fit is also no longer a secret, as he has been open about his diet and workout routines. Furthermore, his experience as a fitness trainer has aided him in maintaining his health.

As a fitness trainer, he founded the Pure Vitamin Club in October 2014, an online subscription-based business that sells an original multivitamin/multimineral formula for diet and workout. It also includes diet-related recipes.

He has successfully helped his clients achieve a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise plans.

Bio and Net Worth

Vinnie Tortorich was born in the United States on September 27, 1962. He entered his first gym when he was eight years old. His dedication at that age had an impact on him, and it set him on the path to a career in health and fitness.

He was a standout athlete at Ascension Catholic High School in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. On a football scholarship, he later attended Tulane University.

He began his career after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. While living in New Orleans, he became a fitness trainer. He also had a popular radio show on WSMB.

Moving on, Vinnie is also a published author, having written the best-selling children’s book “Monty.” In July 2013, he published his second book, Fitness Confidential.

That book, co-written by Vinnie and Dean Lorey, covers Vinnie’s career as a personal trainer as well as his “no sugar, no grains” approach to eating healthily. Sony Television has optioned his book “Fitness Confidential” for development as a television series.

With such a brilliant career, he has undoubtedly amassed a massive net worth; however, his total net worth has not been disclosed as of yet.

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