Verna Young, Dr. Dre’s Mother: What Most People Don’t Know

Verna Young

Andre Romelle Young, commonly known as Dr. Dre, is the celebrity mother of American rapper Verna Young. Verna is a Harlingen Consolidated Independent School teacher. She has also spent nearly nine years as the principal of Bonham Elementary School.

Quick Facts

Full Name Verna Young
Date of Birth N/A
Age 88 years old
Height/How tall?
5 ft 7 in, or 1.70 meters
Profession Teacher
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Gender Identity Female
Is Married? Yes
Is Gay?
Net Worth N/A

Verna Young’s Son Was Raised By Dr. Dre Grandmother

Dr. Dre, Verna’s son, is raised by his grandmother. Dre, the son of Theodore and Verna, grew up in Compton, California. In 1964, Mr. and Mrs. Young married but divorced in 1972. Verna later married Curtis Crayon and had three children, according to reports.

The artist had previously attended Compton High School but was relocated to Roosevelt Junior High School due to gang violence. The entire family moved to Compton and took up residence in an apartment. He was reared by his grandmother in New Wilmington Arms in Compton, according to authorities.

All Three Of These Men Were Married by Verna Young

Verna has a son, Theodore Young, with whom she married in 1964 as an educational leader. They were married for nine years before divorcing for reasons that are still unknown. She eventually married Curtis Crayon and had three children, according to the sources: two sons and a girl. The couple’s union, however, did not last long, and they were split up. Dre was able to add one stepbrother and three stepsisters to his family tree after the lady was related to Warren Griffin.

Dr. Dre, her son, has been involved with a number of women. Nicole Young is the woman he is now dating. He is the father of seven children by various women. His children are Tyra Young, Hood Surgeon (from Cassandra Joy Greene), and La Tanya. Truice Young and Truly Young (Nicole Young), Marcel Young (Michel’le), and Andre Young Jr. Danielle Young (Lisa Johnson), Truice Young and Truly Young (Nicole Young), Marcel Young (Michel’le), and Andre Young Jr. (Jenita Porter).

Dre has dated a number of ladies since he was sixteen years old. The couple has a kid, Hood Surgeon, who is a rapper like his father. At the time, he was dating Lisa Johnson. Jenita Porter and Dre, according to sources, began dating in 1988 and have a kid together, whom she gave birth to in 1990.

The artist married Sedale Threatt’s ex-wife later that year, in 1996. He was her spouse at the time, and they had three children together, but these two are divorcing in June, according to reports, due to irreconcilable differences.

Verna Young Children and Grandkids

Throughout his life, her son has dated a variety of women. He had children with all of his ex-love interests, according to the sources. With his first girlfriend, he had a son named Curtis. He and Lisa Johnson had a daughter, La Tanya Danielle Young after they split.

The couple split for a variety of reasons, and her son married Jenita Porter and had a son named Andre Young, who died in his early twenties from an overdose of heroin and morphine.

Marcel was born in 1991 to Dre’s then-girlfriend Michelle, with whom he had a nine-year relationship at the time. Nicole and Dre have a son named Truice in 1997 and a daughter named Truly in 2001.

Dre Is Suffering From A Brain Aneurysm

Verna’s son, Dr. Dre, had a disorder known as a Brain Aneurysm. According to insiders, Dre had just written a thank you message on his social networking sites. He thanked everyone for their love and support, including his family, well-wishers, and friends. \

He also added that he is doing well and that his medical staff is providing him with additional attention. He has also claimed in his posts, according to insiders, that he will be returning home and out of the hospital shortly.

Verna Young Estimated Net Worth

Verna Young’s net worth is unknown, however, his son Dr. Dre, an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur has a net worth of $800 million.

Verna Young Height and age

  1. At the time, she was 88 years old.
  2. Her height is 1.70 meters, or 5 feet 7 inches.

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