Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler: Times They Seemed To Be Forever Together

The most adored couple in town without a doubt was Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens. But circumstances changed, and on January 14, 2019, they split up.

The breakup of Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens and Austin, who dated for nine years, came as a surprise.

Here is a timeline of their relationship, starting with their first encounter and ending with their separation in 2020.

Check out the times when they appeared to be the cutest together as well.

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens first crossed paths in 2005 while filming High School Musical.

On the Disney Channel set of the movie High School Musical, Hudgens and Butler met through a common acquaintance, Ashley Tisdale.

which, though it began as a brief encounter, developed into a passionate love affair in 2011, years later.

Zac Effron was Vanessa’s then-boyfriend in 2005.

Speculation about Hudgens and Butler’s relationship in September 2011 Began After Butler was seen leaving Hudgens’ home in September 2011, less than a year after her breakup with Zac Efron, rumors about Hudgens dating Butler started to circulate.

Austin lost his temper as he left Vanessa’s residence.

As he left Vanessa’s residence, Austin lost his temper.

The couple justified their connection in a passionate exhibition of their love just days later at Bob’s Big Boy in Los Angeles, despite the couple’s close source defending it as “simply friendship.”

Their connection was described as a casual yet passionate outing by an eyewitness to the incident. Here’s what they had to say.

They were a sizable group, yet they were united. Although they weren’t acting in a way that suggested they were actually dating, they were undoubtedly hanging out and having a good time.

September 2012: A Couple Was Seen Kissing

After being seen kissing at Madison Square Garden in December 2012, Vanessa and Butler’s romance seemed to progress.

They were previously seen dining together in a Venice, Italy, Italian restaurant in September.

Vanessa’s Rumored Boyfriend Was Featured In Her Instagram Post on December 6, 2013

By far, only the paparazzi were able to record their close proximity, but in December 2013, when she was 31 years old, she posted the first image of herself and Butler on Instagram.

A second picture that followed this one provided more context for their relationship.

Hudgens claimed Butler was her boyfriend in a “Happy Birthday” post on August 18, 2014.

Years after they began dating, Hudgens disclosed her connection with Butler on his birthday in August.

The High School Musical star acknowledged her relationship with Butler while wishing Butler a happy birthday on Instagram. Here is the post’s caption:

On August 18, 2014, she wrote, “Yesterday was the birthday of the love of my life.” “Happy birthday to the kindest-hearted, most gorgeous, most talented, and best-looking man I’ve ever seen. He never fails to uplift others around him and inspires me in all facets of life. I am so grateful to God for giving the world Austin Butler 23 years ago.

Butler chose to return the favor on August 22, 2015, a year after first appearing in Hudgens’ Instagram photo.

Butler, though, decided against adding a caption because it was already quite clear how passionately they were connected. View the article here.

Austin Butler publicly acknowledged his relationship with Vanessa on August 31, 2015.

Butler first discussed his relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa in 2015 at the MTV Music Video Awards.

He was open and honest with ET Online about his relationship with Hudgens, saying,

“It’s crucial to put the other person first. If you’re continuously seeking for ways to make them happy, and they’re constantly looking for ways to make you happy, then you kind of raise each other up to the best of your ability and you can’t go wrong.”

According to rumors, Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens were engaged on December 16.
Vanessa announced on Instagram on December 16, 2017, that she was wearing a diamond on her ring finger, which led to speculation that she and Austin were engaged. The actress quickly responded, though, by stating that she was “not engaged.”

On December 19, Vanessa clarified the allegations on Twitter. She said,

“Guysssss. I’m not a newlywed! I shared a photo. Not to flaunt my ring, which I accidently threw there after a long day of filming, but to flaunt my hairstyle, LOL.

High School Musical star Hudgens said on March 29 that she was not planning to get engaged anytime soon.
On March 29, 2018, Hudgens once more dispelled persistent engagement rumors by stating that she was not in a rush to get married or engaged.

She talked to ETOnline about the rumors during one of their exchanges. What she said is as follows:

No, since we wouldn’t have been together for over seven years if I felt pressure in a relationship.

She offered a rather evasive response when asked if he intended to wed Butler. She stated:

Every couple travels at their own pace.

Austin and Vanessa parted ways on January 14, 2020.

A close source for the couple revealed to US Weekly on January 14, 2020, that they had split up, over nine years after they first started dating.

The pair has not yet responded to the news. At the UNICEF Summer Gala in Italy in August of last year, they were last spotted together.

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