‘Unforgotten’ Star Nicola Walker Says Goodbye to Cassie Stuart Forever After The Exit in Season 4!

Unforgotten is a critically acclaimed British crime drama that premiered on October 8, 2015, and has received positive reviews. The show follows two detectives as they investigate cold cases.

DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) oversee a team of London detectives tasked with investigating missing persons and murders. There have been 24 episodes released so far, spanning four seasons.

Every season is dedicated to a different case. It also includes characters that appear to be unrelated but are later revealed to have a relationship to the victim. As the murder case proceeds, the emotional effects of the act are also handled in the lives of individuals touched. Walker played DCI Stuart for four seasons and was fantastic in the job. Regrettably, she will be leaving the role behind for good.

Nicola Walker Has Left Unforgotten

Season 4 came to a surprising conclusion. DCI Stuart is involved in a catastrophic vehicle accident and dies in the hospital as a result. Walker is departing Unforgotten since her character is no longer there. DCI Stuart’s demise, on the other hand, was pre-planned by Walker and the series’ creator, Chris Lang. Lang stated in an interview with Radio Times on May 13, 2021 that he and Walker addressed DCI Stuart’s death during season three filming.

As a result, they decided to murder off Walker’s character as a group.

Cassie Stuart Unforgotten
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Similarly, there was no discussion over whether or not to keep the character alive for future seasons because they believed the actress’ decision to leave the program was the right one. It would have been easier to create the story such that DCI Stuart would return in the future, according to Lang. Walker, on the other hand, he didn’t think would appreciate it.

As a result, they took the risky step of entering “a new incarnation of the program.” Walker was understandably upset to leave the program and her beloved role, but it was her choice. She did, however, take a priceless memento from the performance to remember her time in Unforgotten: DCI Stuart’s badge. Walker’s badge is prominently displayed in his office.

Walker’s departure did not signify the end of Unforgotten, despite the fact that she carried the show for four seasons.

What Next in ‘Unforgotten’?

On March 30, 2021, Unforgotten was revived for a fifth season. DI Khan will be played by Bhasker again, and he will be accompanied by a new detective. Lang revealed that he has started writing the new character who would succeed DCI Stuart. He also disclosed that DI Khan’s new “partner in crime,” the unnamed figure, will be a woman.

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The plot and character backstories for the following season have already been written by him. Because he will alter her story to fit the play, he referred to his writing as a “evolutionary process.”

Regardless, the identity of Walker’s replacement is unknown. Unforgotten Season 5 will premiere in 2022.

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