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Tram Mai began her career as a production assistant at KABC in Los Angeles in 1995 and is now a reporter and anchor at EVB Live. Tram got her first reporting job out of the Gainesville bureau at WOFL in Orlando, Florida.

She has risen to great heights of success since then, working for a number of well-known networks. Tram must have earned a good portion of her salary as an anchor and reporter.

Tram Mai and Her Husband’s Married Life

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Tram married her husband, Steve Kraus, on March 31, 2008. Steve owns Press Coffee, where his team roasts and brews the best coffee in the world.

Tram and Steve have been married for a decade. They are now raising their adorable twins, Zoey, a daughter, and Zakary, a son.

Her interests and hobbies include baking, cooking, traveling, biking, running, reading, playing with her pet, and watching the Food Network, the majority of which she can enjoy with her lovely family.

Tram frequently travels to beautiful places, camping and spending time with her family, creating a lifetime of memories with them.

And the anchor spends as much time as she can with her husband and children. Tram is now spending her time doing what she enjoys most: having fun with her family.

The reporter also enjoys cooking and enjoys cooking with her husband. Food has always been her passion, but due to her hectic schedule, she couldn’t devote much time to it previously.

But now, Tram’s wonderful husband not only cooks with her but also looks after the children when Tram is busy with her work or needs time to herself. Steve allows Tram to spend Father’s Day alone with her father while he attends to his children.

This loving family is very supportive of one another. They express their love and feelings for each other without any heaviness in their hearts.

Tram Mai: Biography, Age, Family

Tram Mai, who was born in Saigon, Vietnam, celebrates her birthday every year on March 22nd. Her full date of birth, however, is still unknown, so her age remains a mystery.

Much more basic information about the anchor, such as her height and weight, has yet to be revealed.

When the communists took over Saigon, she and her family fled on the last plane out.

Tram was only a year old at the time. She took her first steps in a refugee camp at Florida’s Eglin Air Force Base. Tram’s family eventually made it to Southern California, where she spent the majority of her childhood.

Her mother is the strongest woman she knows, and she is inspired by her like no other. And she is thankful to her father for making sacrifices for his children.

Tram also graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in Communication Studies and minored in Asian American Studies.

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