Top 30 Babe Ruth Quotes

Babe Ruth is often recognized as the most important and influential baseball player who is no longer alive. On February 6, 1895, he was born, and on August 16, 1948, he died. He blasted a record 714 home runs over the course of 22 seasons. He was an extremely accomplished player who established multiple records for hitting and pitching that stood for decades.

Furthermore, he was well-known during his career and received numerous honors. He was treated with the same reverence once he retired.
He was a member of the Major League Baseball All-Time Team as well as the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. In addition, Babe Ruth was one of the inaugural five inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.

He is no longer with us, but the following Babe Ruth quotations live on in the hearts of many of his admirers.

“Baseball was, is, and will always be the best game in the world to me.”

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from trying.”

“You can’t beat someone who never quits up.”

“Google Books Excuses for Every Occasion: Alibis, Apologies, and Cop-Outs to Get You Out of (or Into) Trouble”
Steven D. Price wrote this.
Skyhorse Publishing, New York, NY
2012 P. ?:
“I feel ashamed sometimes when I think about all the beer I drink.”
Then I stare into the glass and think about the brewery workers and their ambitions and dreams.
If I didn’t drink this beer, they might lose their jobs and their dreams.
‘It’s better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than to be selfish and worry about my liver,’ I reason.

“Every strike takes me one step closer to hitting a home run.”

“I swing hard and with everything I’ve got.”
I either hit huge or miss big.
“I like to live as large as possible.”

“I just had one superstition.
When I hit a home run, I made careful to touch all of the bases.”

7th of 30th Babe Ruth quotes

“If you love baseball, baseball will love you back.”

“It’s difficult to beat someone who never gives up.”

“Heroes are remembered, but legends live forever.”

“The success of a team is determined by how well it plays as a whole.”
You might have the best individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club is worthless.”

“Who has more money?”
What about the man who is seen but cannot see?
Or the man who is invisible yet can see?”

“I grew up drinking beer, wine, and whiskey.”
And I guess I was approximately five years old when I first smoked tobacco.”

“I claimed I’d hit the next one straight over the flagpole.”
God had to be with me.”

“I make sure I touch all four bases whenever I hit a home run.”

16th of 30 Babe Ruth quotes

“To hit a home run, I swing as hard as I can and attempt to smash right through the ball…
The more tightly you grasp the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball and the farther the ball will travel.
I swing hard and with all of my might.
I either hit huge or miss big.
“I like to live as large as possible.”

“Baseball evolves throughout time.”
It becomes gentler.”

“I didn’t intend to hit the umpire with dirt, but I did intend to hit that jerk in the stands.”

“All ballplayers should quit when it feels like all the baselines are running uphill.”

“I’d be in the jail or the cemetery if it weren’t for baseball.”

“Baseball is the greatest sport in the world, and it deserves the best you have to offer.”

“All I can say is get a good one and sock it.
When I return to the dugout, they ask what I hit, and I tell them I don’t know except that it looked excellent.”

“I thank God for baseball in our world… the kids… our national pastime.”

“I’m not interested in knowing where the green is.
“Can you tell me where the golf course is?”

“Aw, everyone remembers that game, the day I hit the home run off ole Charlie Root there in Wrigley Field on October 1st, the third game of the thirty-two World Series.”
But for the time being, I’d like to settle all disagreements.
I didn’t specifically refer to any location, such as the flagpole.
Anyway, I didn’t mean to do it; I just waved at the entire barrier, which was silly enough.
All I wanted to do was take that thing for a spin… out of the park… somewhere.”

26th of 30th Babe Ruth Quote

“I could’ve batted around if I’d just tried for those dinky singles.”

“Don’t be hesitant to ask for help.
There is always something fresh to discover.”

“Home runs from yesterday don’t win games today.”

“Let me show you how to do it…

“I had an odd relationship with the pitcher’s mound as soon as I got out there.”
It was like though I was born there.
Pitching seemed to me to be the most natural thing in the world.
It was simple to strike out hitters.”

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