Top 12 LFL Best Players in the World

We’re all familiar with the NFL and its glory, but have you heard of the LFL (Lingerie Football League)? Yes, it is a legitimate league. Not only that, but it’s extremely popular. Given the popularity of the sport, have you ever wondered what the LFL’s best players look like?

The NFL is known for its male athletes, whereas the LFL is known for its female athletes and their curves. The LFL athletes (female) play football in lingerie and outfits that expose their beautiful bodies, as the name implies.

As a result, we’ve carefully selected some of the NFL’s best players from around the world. We’ve also included some interesting facts about these talented athletes, so make sure to read them all.

The World’s Top 12 LFL Best Players

Before we get into the specifics, here’s a quick snapshot of the rankings.

S.N. Name Team
12 Katie Marshall BC Angels
11 Tiffany Russell Toronto Triumph
10 Jessica Hopkins Seattle Mist
9 Anne Erler Green Bay Chill
8 Alicia Bell Toronto Triumph
7 Adrian Purnell Atlanta Steam
6 Cynthia Schmidt Las Vegas Sin
5 Deena Fagiano Chicago Bliss
4 Kimm Chase Seattle Mist
3 Quincy Hewitt Los Angeles Temptation
2 Ogum Chijindu Angels Temptation
1 Alex Drake New England Liberty

12. Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall is the queen of being both sexy and athletically gifted at the same time. Nonetheless, she deserves to be ranked 12th on the NFL’s best players list.

Furthermore, this gifted Canadian is a cornerback and wide receiver for the BC Angels. With nine tackles and three sacks, she is considered one of the best defensive players in the league.

Similarly, this babe is well-known in her hometown. During one of her seasons, Marshall was featured in the Vancouver Province newspaper. She is, without a doubt, a highly accomplished athlete.

Marshall was also the captain of her high school’s Provincial Championship team. To top it off, this wasn’t her only sport in high school. She also played competitive basketball, flag football, volleyball, and soccer.

11. Tiffany Russell

Tiffany Russell is a skilled 5.8-foot-tall brunette beauty who runs on the football field.

Russell was a tight end for the Toronto Triumph and was ranked 11th on the NFL’s best players list. She was also the leader of the Toronto Triumph 2012. Russell also served as a defensive captain for the Powderpuffs during her college career.

Not to mention that this bad guy was playing on icy surfaces while wearing no headgear.

Even though she did not achieve global fame, she did make a name for herself in her home state of Ontario.

10. Jessica Hopkins

Jessica Hopkins is now ranked tenth on the list of the best LFL players. With talent and figures like her, she was bound to make today’s list.

Hopkins is currently safety and wide receiver for the Seattle Mists. She also received the league’s Mortaza Award following the 2011 LFL US season and was a finalist for the LFL’s Most Improved Player award.

Hopkins was also extremely athletic during her adolescence, participating in a variety of sports and competing in the Women’s Figure competition, where she received the Presidential Fitness Award.

Hopkins, on the other hand, had a wardrobe malfunction during a match in 2011. For a few seconds, her bottoms were exposed. Aside from that, she remained unfazed and continued with her game. She received a standing ovation for her dedication to the sport.

9. Anne Erler

Anne Erler, an American LFL quarterback for the Green Bay Chill, is ranked ninth on the list of the best LFL players.

Aside from her appearance, this 5.9-foot beauty is remembered for her 279-yard throw and 139-yard run during the 2011 season. Similarly, Erler was named LFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2013.

Furthermore, during the 2012 LFL Canada season with the Saskatoon Sirens, Erler made a big impression on her opponent with a 44-22 road win over the Toronto Triumph. Her defense and touchdown passes were also among the best seen. (

As a result, Erler was named MVP player.

8. Alicia Bell

Our number 8 excels at more than just football. Our beautiful and talented Alicia Bell draws a lot of attention in the stadium because she has a golden heart.

To be clear, Bell is also a top-tier personal trainer. Similarly, as part of a charity program, Bell and a few other teammates stood in the street across the Eaton Centre shopping mall in LFL uniforms in 2011.

Furthermore, it was at the start of the winter season. As a result, we can see her dedication and caring nature for the people. Without a doubt, she and her teammates performed heroically and set a good example.

7. Purnell, Adrian

Adrian Purnell, another extremely talented LFL beauty and the seventh best LFL player on the list, is a force to be reckoned with.

She is an outlier in terms of skills and playstyle for the Atlanta Steam, wearing jersey number three. This is because of her exceptional offensive and defensive abilities. The tide of the match changes exponentially when she enters the field.

Purnell is also the 2013 LFL Defensive Player of the Year, ranking first in the league. She was also ranked second in rushing and receiving yards.

6. Cynthia Schmidt

Cynthia Schmidt is one of the best LFL players in the league, if not the best. She is a beauty with raw power and talent, with one of the best fitness and body.

Schmidt, too, has a great body with abs and big muscular legs. As a result, she has appeared in several advertisements for the league. However, don’t get tangled up in her beauty because she packs a punch as one of the top-tier players.

She is a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Sins and brings a fierce competitive spirit to every match she plays. Her competitive nature appears to benefit not only herself but also her team.

Similarly, Schmidt appears to enjoy the work hard, play hard strategy because, as evidenced by her Instagram page, she appears to enjoy life as much as she enjoys training.

5. Deena Fagiano

Deena Fagiano is one of the league’s most talented players, ranking fifth on today’s list of the best LFL players worldwide.

To be more specific, this 5.8-foot beauty flexed her Chicago Bliss number 5 jersey. Fagiano was a tight end who excelled at her position. Not to mention that she rose to the position of captain of several different teams.

Furthermore, given her height and weight, her position as a tight end was ideal for her. Everyone adored her because of her charisma and energy. Naturally, she drew a lot of attention from the audience.

Similarly, Fagiano appeared in numerous league advertisements due to her charisma and energy.

4. Kimm Chase

Kimm Chase was bound to make the list of the best LFL players given her beauty and talent for the sport.

Chase has the ideal combination for a sports beauty. Chase is also extremely athletic and seductive. Not only that, but she was a great teammate to be around.

Besides, this 5.10-foot beauty was a tight end for the Seattle Mist. She was ideal for the role due to her perfect physique. In all of her appearances for the Seattle Mist, she excelled and contributed significantly to her team’s success.

3. Quincy Hewitt

Quincy Hewitt ranked third in today’s rankings, is one of the best in the league.

She is at the top of the list due to her physique and beauty. Not to mention her role as a cornerback for the Los Angeles Temptation, she must keep her body in shape.

Similarly, Hewitt appeared twice in the previous season.

She is also very popular among her fans, and she plans to launch her fitness app in January 2022. When it comes to fitness, Hewitt takes it very seriously.

2. Chijindu Ogum

Ogum Chijindu, a talented Nigerian LFL player, is the only African athlete on this list today. She is not only talented; she is ranked second among the best LFL players.

One look at her is enough to make you fall in love with her. So, while admiring her beauty, don’t overlook her performance because she has demonstrated her Nigerian DNA by flexing her endurance and athleticism.

Furthermore, because of her extreme flexibility and athleticism, she can fit perfectly in any role, but the running back role appears to suit her best of all. Having Ogum on your team would alter the game’s flow.

She is as well-liked in her home country as she is in the LFL.

1. Alexander Drake

Finally, we arrive at number one. Alex Drake ranked as the best LFL player in the world is the player everyone wants on their team.

To be clear, Drake is a quarterback for the New England Liberty. She has the perfect body and begins to form the ideal defensive position.

Furthermore, Drake has demonstrated her worthiness for the number one spot through impressive field records. She attempted 51 passes and completed 155 yards in just one season.

Similarly, she is as active on social media as she is in sports and fitness.


All of the athletes mentioned above are among the best at LFT. However, we all know that someone will take their place in the future. It’s just how the world works. Unfortunately, the best do not always remain the best.

Indeed, new talents are born every day, and the world is far too large for this not to be possible. Expect to see some new faces.

Leaving aside these facts, which one on the list was your favorite, and why? Also, what kind of top list would you like us to create? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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