Top 10 Kitsune Boys in Anime

Kitsune Boys in Anime

Kitsune is a Japanese word that means “fox.” Foxes have always had a strong presence in Japanese folklore. Typically, foxes are depicted as cunning and intelligent creatures with magical abilities. Furthermore, they are said to be able to transform into human form and coexist peacefully with humans.

In fact, it’s not a given that foxes are good and behave; their abilities can be used to deceive others, but they can also be loyal companions and guardians. So, let’s get down to business. This list is intended to honor ten kitsune boys who made our hearts race or make us laugh out loud! Stay with us all the way to the end and have fun!

10. O-chan from Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga

Let’s start with a story about Tamaki Kasuga, a teenage girl who returns to the small village where her ancestors once lived. There, he learns the truth about her existence: she will succeed her grandmother as the next Tamayorihime. The Tamayorihime, as the name implies, is a princess tasked with securing the Onikirimaru, a godly artifact with the power to destroy the entire world. She will be guarded by five handsome men who have vowed to protect her at all costs!

O-chan ( Source: Pinterest)

We chose O-chan, a small kitsune youkai, for our tenth position. In the group tasked with protecting Tamaki, he plays the role of a small mascot. He appears to have a strong bond with everyone, especially Yuichi, but his favorite person is Tamaki. In fact, whenever she is upset, he is always close by, trying to console her. O-chan does not transform into human form during the show, as he does in the video game. Nonetheless, we wanted to include him in this chart because he represents a part of Japanese folklore in which foxes are depicted as animals who cling to humans with affection!

9. Kuugen Tenko from Our Home’s Fox Deity (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)

Toru and Noboru Takagami are Mizuchi bloodline descendants who have always been hunted by youkai (spirits). Toru and Noboru are given a powerful weapon by their grandmother to protect the lives of her beloved grandsons: a fox deity named Kuugen Tenko, followed by a shrine maiden named Ko. These two brothers will start living with Tenko while being pursued by monsters and youkai, and strange things will happen!

Kuugen Tenko
Kuugen Tenko ( Source: Pinterest)

Tenko is an ancient demon kitsune who served as a guardian for a hundred years before being imprisoned. Tenko was set free when the Takagami brothers’ situation became complicated, and he decides to serve them. Let’s not forget that he is a fox, even though he would go to any length to protect the two brothers. Tenko is mischievous and up to all kinds of shenanigans; he is curious and intelligent, but he still prefers to do whatever he wants. And, since he has no idea whether he was born male or female, guess what? He has the ability to transform into either a man or a woman!

8. Yahiko from The Morose Mononokean (Fukigen na Mononokean)

Hanae Ashiya is a typical high school student who believes he will be doomed if he does not make friends during the first week of school. His fear manifests itself in front of his eyes, however, when a youkai attaches to him and makes Ashiya so sick that he spends the first week of school in the school infirmary. Ashiya, fed up with the situation, decides to seek assistance. That’s when he meets Haruitsuki Abeno, the proprietor of the Mononokean tea shop, whose job it is to guide youkai into the other world.

Yahiko ( Source: Pinterest)

Yahiko is a kitsune youkai who first encountered Abeno when he was seven years old. Years later, when they meet again, he is disappointed to discover that Abeno has forgotten about him. He first appeared as a white fox with three tails, but when he transforms into a human, he resembles a small blonde-haired child. Yahiko, as a kitsune, possesses all of the characteristics of a fox: he is mischievous and enjoys playing. Aside from that, he is a child who acts on his own volition. It’s impossible not to recall how Yahiko made Ashiya play hide-and-seek with him, Abeno, and Zenko! He has a cute side to him as well, as he is terrified that the people he cares about will change.

7. Shippo from InuYasha

InuYasha is an anime that follows Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl whose life is turned upside down when she is dragged into her family’s shrine well and transported 500 years back in time to the Sengoku Era. Because Kagome possesses the Shikon Jewel – a wish-granting jewel – and because the Shikon Jewel shatters after a battle, Kagome will enlist the help of Inuyasha, a monk, a demon slayer, and, of course, Shippo, the little kitsune youkai, to reassemble the pieces.

Shippo ( Source: Pinterest)

Shippo is a kitsune youkai whose father was killed, and he is the first to join Kagome and Inuyasha in order to exact his vengeance. In terms of appearance, he’s half-human, half-fox. He can shape shift, like almost all kitsune spirits, but he usually fails because his tail gives him away. His personality is determined and strong-willed. Shippo is known for giving Inuyasha witty advice, which is what makes this little kitsune youkai so entertaining!

6. Kogitsune from Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Takashi Natsume is an orphaned boy who has moved around a lot over the years, jumping from one relative to the next without ever settling down. The issue is that every relative with whom he lived eventually decided he was just too strange. His strangeness stems from the fact that he has the ability to see what normal humans cannot: youkai. When he discovers the Book of Friends and meets Madara, alias Nyanko-sensei – a powerful spirit trapped in the body of a maneki neko – the tables are turned on him. Along with Nyanko-sensei, he embarks on a journey to return the names of all the spirits whose names appear in the book. Natsume will recognize the value of true friendship and the comfort of having a safe haven.

Kogitsune ( Source: Pinterest)

Kogitsune is a small kitsune boy who looks a lot like Natsume. He, like Natsume, is an orphan with a gentle nature. He is frequently bullied because of his shy and kind nature. Natsume saved Kogitsune one day while he was being bullied by other youkai, and Kogitsune realized how amazing a person Natsume was. He stays by his side whenever they meet, but because he doesn’t want to disappoint him, he promises to grow stronger in order to fight back against the bully. Because he can’t transform into a human, ordinary humans see him as a small fox, while Natsume and the other youkai see him as a young boy with fox ears and tail.

5. Gintarou from Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods

Makoto Saeki gained the ability to see the gods’ agent after his mother died. This is a family trait, but it can only be used by one living relative at a time. Gintarou is a kitsune youkai who has been guarding the Inari temple since the Edo period, and he will lend a hand to Makoto in this new adventure!

Gintarou ( Source: Pinterest)

Gintarou isn’t entirely a kitsune, as he stands and speaks, but he’s also not entirely a human. His pawns are enormous, his fur is white, and he stands tall. Gintarou’s personality appears to be lazy and arrogant. On occasion, he appears to be unable to stand Makoto. The truth is that he is a very nice person who genuinely cares about her. Gintarou has the ability to tell fortunes and, aside from that, he is extremely wise, always giving Makoto and the others sound advice.

4. Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Yuusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent who is always looking for trouble, stars in this show. He saves a young boy from being hit by a moving car one day. Even though he saved a young boy even though he died, it was a righteous sacrifice, and yet the gods aren’t ready to accept him. His sacrifice was simply too much for him; as a result, they offer him a deal in which he can reclaim his life if he completes a series of tasks. Along with Yuusuke, there’s Kazuma Kuwabara, as well as Hiei and Kurama, two demons.

Kurama ( Source: Pinterest)

Kurama, for example, has a kitsune youkai soul fused to a human body. Kurama’s human form has delicate features and is frequently mistaken for a woman, with long, dark pink hair, green eyes, and a small figure. Kurama transforms into a long, silver-haired man with fox ears and tail in his kitsune form. He has the typical fox personality, being cunning and calculated, as well as being able to put his emotions aside while fighting and being extremely strong. He’ll go to any length to protect the people he cares about, which is why he can be cruel during a fight. Kurama is a dependable teammate with a gentle heart, making him one of the show’s most popular characters.

3. Soushi Miketsukami from Inu X Boku Secret Service

Shirakiin Ririchiyo is the Shirakiin lineage’s heir, and she’s fed up with being alone. Her parents agree to let her move out on one condition: she must live in the “Ayakashi Kan” mansion, which is only accessible to those endowed with supernatural abilities and accompanied by a Secret Service agent. She initially rejects her agent, Soushi Miketsukami, but the situation changes when she learns that he is the kitsune youkai she previously saved. Soushi simply wishes to express her gratitude and will serve as her devoted guardian.

Soushi Miketsukami
Soushi Miketsukami ( Source: Pinterest)

Soushi is half youkai and half human, just like Kurama. He is a nine-tailed youkai kitsune who is one of the SS’s most powerful agents. Soushi transforms into an obedient little puppy when it comes to Ririchiyo, despite his strength and power, because he has a soft spot for her. Soushi is a lovely man with gray hair and bi-colored eyes in his human form. He has nine fluffy tails, white fox hair, and a katana when he transforms into a kitsune. Another example of a kitsune youkai who is very loyal to a human; he would risk his own life to protect Ririchiyo.

2. Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

Nanami Momozono, whose gambler father has just left him with a mountain of debts, stars in this incredibly sweet story. Nanami isn’t one to cry after losing her home and running out of money. Her bravery is rewarded when she saves a mysterious man named Mikage, who, upon learning of her predicament, offers her his home. Nanami can’t believe it and rushes to the address, but she’s in for a rude awakening when she arrives: the location is a shrine. A boy with fox’s ears appears in front of her, just as she thinks she’s been duped. Tomoe, Mikage’s former familiar, is who he is. Nanami will become the new Land God as a result of events that occur after that, and she will get to know Tomoe better.

Tomoe ( Source: Pinterest)

Tomoe is a kitsune youkai who works as a familiar for Nanami Momozono. He possesses all of the characteristics that one would expect from a fox demon, including beauty, cunning, and slyness. He has the ability to charm people and trick them into falling into his traps. He has a difficult character at the start of the show and refuses to accept Nanami as the new Land God. Later on, he will soften and show a cute side of himself: despite his pouts, he will show strong loyalty to Nanami and will protect her.

1. Kokkuri-san from GUGURE! KOKKURI-SAN

It’s Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a fantastic show that went largely unnoticed. It’s a rare find in its genre, as it parodies almost everything about Japanese culture and way of life. The plot revolves around Kohina, a doll-like child who decided to summon Kokkuri-san, a fox spirit who should be able to answer all of your questions. However, since times have changed and you can now find your answer on the internet, Kokkuri-san has proven to be ineffective. While contemplating acquiring Kohina, he felt sorry for the lonely little girl and took on the role of her housekeeper, devoting his entire attention to her. Along with Kokkuri-san, the dog ghost Inugami and the good-for-nothing raccoon dog Shigaraki move in with them, and each day is filled with exhilarating gags that make the audience laugh!

Kokkuri-san ( Source: Pinterest)

Kokkuri-san, a kitsune youkai, has fox ears and tail in human form. His hair is long, and he has the ability to shape shift into a woman. He has yellow fur in his youkai form. He is moved by Kohina’s plight, to the point where he hides her cup noodles, claiming they are harmful to her health. As a result, he looks after everything around the house and wishes for Kohina to have more friends rather than being alone all the time. When it comes to fox characteristics, Kokkuri-san is a bit of an outlier. He’s a narcissistic, clean freak character, which is probably why he elicits sympathy right away. We thought he was the best fit for a first position because he comes straight from Japanese folklore and we adore him!