Top 10 Furry Anime Series

Animals take on human characteristics such as talking, walking, and wearing clothes in the furry subculture, which is one of the cutest anime subcultures.

Furry anime series, whether they feature a cat, dog, or other magnificent creature, give viewers a glimpse of what life would be like if animals walked in our shoes.

Furry anime is cute and entertaining, with a creative and imaginative storyline. As a result, we’ve updated our list of the top ten furry anime recommendations.

We’re sure there are plenty more series out there that capture the fuzzy-wuzzy cuteness of various animals, so here’s what we’ve found so far! Please see our previous article for more information. Have fun!

10. Hataruaku Onii-san! (Working Buddies!)

Hataruaku Onii-san! tells the story of two cats, Tapio Chatorazawa, a happy tabby, and Kuehiko Roshihara, a pessimistic Russian blue. Tapio and Kuehiko are coworkers who do a variety of odd jobs while juggling their lives as students at the same college.

Hataruaku Onii-san! is a four-minute anime series that focuses on Tapio and Kuehiko’s personal and professional relationships.

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Hataruaku Onii-san!
Hataruaku Onii-san! ( Source: Pinterest)

Tapio and Kuehiko live in a charming and attractive community, which allows the characters to shine and the plot to become intensely interesting. Unlike their real-life counterparts, who sleep about 16 hours a day, Tapio and Kuehiko have a lot going on.

9. Shibainuko-san(Furry Anime Series)

As a middle school student, Chako Ishibashi has a typical day. However, one aspect of Chako’s everyday life stands out: the girl who sits next to her in class, Shibainuko-san, is quite strange. What is it about her that makes her so unique? Is it Shibainuko-popularity san’s or her beauty that makes her so popular?

Simply put, Shibainuko-san does not resemble a human, but rather resembles a Shiba Inu! Shibainuko-san is favored by her peers because she combines the characteristics of a human and Japan’s most popular dog breed.

Shibainuko-san ( Source: Pinterest)

All of the characters in Shibainuko-san are enjoyable, whether they are dogs or humans. Because each episode is so short, the overall story is lighthearted and simple, bringing a smile to the faces of all viewers.

8. Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko)

Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda, is no stranger to stress. Despite doing her best on the job, she is constantly chastised and pressured by her coworkers and supervisor. Because of her willingness and job performance, Retsuko is frequently mistreated by everyone, and she can only take so much abuse.

This salaried woman vents her frustrations by singing heavy death metal at a karaoke bar. The episodes of Aggressive Retsuko aren’t too long, so it’s worth a shot. Even when she’s screaming death metal, Retsuko is the cutest red panda ever!

Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko)
Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko) ( Source: Pinterest)

7. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby tells the story of “horse girls,” reincarnated great racehorses with the strength and speed of these magnificent creatures. The best horse girls in the league attend Tokyo’s Tracen Academy in the hopes of becoming the best racers and idols in the league. Special Week, a high school horse girl from the countryside who recently transferred to Tracen, is one of the many horse girls we meet.

Rin notices fellow student Silence Suzuka, who is emulating her riding style and adamant about joining her team, and vows to be the best.

Uma Musume
Uma Musume ( Source: Pinterest)

Viewers learn more about the sport, technicalities, and backgrounds as they watch famous racehorses compete. We get to see how motivated the group is to achieve their goals and dreams by working and training extremely hard.

The cast of characters is diverse, with the goal of highlighting each girl’s unique qualities. Uma Musume: The horse girls and their adorable personalities make the Pretty Derby bright and lively.

6. Kemono Friends(Furry Anime Series)

We are welcomed to Japari Park, which is set in the distant future! Our characters are adorable therianthropic creatures who exude friendship and happiness in this lovely setting. The story introduces us to Kaban, a young girl who has no idea who she is or where she came from.

Serval, her new companion, and she set out on an adventure to uncover various mysteries while meeting new and friendly creatures along the way.

Kemono Friends
Kemono Friends ( Source: Pinterest)

The cast of characters in Kemono Friends is large and interesting, and they all contribute to an exciting storyline. Our characters’ combined strengths and personalities are some of the reasons why they can achieve their goal as they band together to overcome difficult obstacles.

The animation style and the animal girls are incredibly appealing, incorporating a wide range of colors in scenic shots and action sequences.

5. Kumamiko (Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear)

Machi Amayadori is a young shrine maiden who has lived in the countryside her entire life with her talking guardian bear, Natsu. Machi, tired of the quiet and peaceful rural life, decides to move to the big city and start high school there at the age of fourteen.

Is Natsu capable of preparing her for city life? Will the frantic pace of the city prove too much for them both?

Kumamiko ( Source: Pinterest)

What does a bear know about big city life? He doesn’t say much, but his protective and caring nature shows that he cares about his beloved companion. Machi must overcome her social phobias and interact with everyone she encounters along the way, all while Natsu offers her sound advice.

Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear is funny, cute, and enjoyable all around, thanks to its charming and appealing premise.

4. Shirokuma Café (Polar Bear Café)

Shirokuma Café is an entertaining and educational anime that encourages viewers to learn more about animals. Shirokuma Café provides us with a lot of comedy and puns in addition to numerous facts about bears, penguins, and various other species.

We watch Panda’s attempt to get a job at the Café while also watching the interactions of a regular customer, Penguin, and relaxing with Shirokuma. We notice the often disparate day-to-day activities of these and other personified animals with each episode.

Shirokuma Café
Shirokuma Café ( Source: Pinterest)

Shirokuma Café features relatable and memorable situations that distinguish each character and make them easy to identify with. Each and every feature is a one-of-a-kind experience. Polar Bear Café is a feel-good, lighthearted viewing experience that includes a large amount of comedy as well as cute animals that act human.

3. Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba)

Cuticle Detective Inaba features half-human, half-animal hybrids who coexist with humans in a world. Despite the fact that the two coexist peacefully, there are those who seek to disrupt the peace. When it comes to hybrid criminals, no one compares to Hiroshi Inaba, a part wolf detective with a remarkable ability to extract information simply by touching a strand of someone’s hair.

Half goat crime boss Don Valentino, like every hero’s nemesis, makes Inaba’s job difficult. Can Inaba’s skills as a detective and wolf bring Valentino down for good, vowing to put an end to his hunger for green?

Cuticle Tantei Inaba
Cuticle Tantei Inaba ( Source: Pinterest)

Cuticle Detective Inaba is an original story about a werewolf detective battling a mafia goat. The characters are remarkably relatable, with similar appearances and personalities.

The animation is bright, crisp, and vibrant, making it easy to draw in viewers and overall appealing. Cuticle Detective Inaba is a furry anime full of action, mystery, comedy, and the supernatural that we recommend.

2. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou (Dog & Scissors)

Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who enjoys reading, is the protagonist of Dog & Scissors. He is a huge fan of Kirihime Natsuno’s novels, which he writes under the pen name “Akiyama Shinobu.” One day, Kazuhito spots Kirihime working in a café, in danger of being shot by a random criminal.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou ( Source: Pinterest)

Kazuhito shields her from the attack on the spur of the moment, but is killed in the process. Kazuhito is reincarnated as a dachshund through supernatural means. Kazuhito is living his new life without his books, howling to the moon.

However, he becomes enthralled when a woman holding a pair of scissors offers to assist him. Kirihime is the name of a woman he knows. This anime about a girl and a dog is hilarious, upbeat, and engaging because we get to see into the mind of a mini dachshund through Kirihime.

1. Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns)(Furry Anime Series)

Haru Yoshioka, a Studio Ghibli character, instinctively saves a cat from being hit by a car in this film. Haru, unbeknownst to her, was tasked with protecting the prince of cats from the mystical kingdom of cats. The cats of the kingdom express their gratitude by bestowing upon Haru a plethora of wonderful cat gifts, even proposing marriage to the prince.

Haru seeks the assistance of the cat’s version of the BBB to get her out of this situation, where she meets the very dapper, Baron. Haru is kidnapped by the citizens of the cat kingdom, and the clock ticks as she transforms into a cat. As a result, it is up to the Baron to save Haru and bring the cat kingdom back into balance.

Neko no Ongaeshi
Neko no Ongaeshi ( Source: Pinterest)

The Cat Returns is a fantastic furry film because it emphasizes Haru’s ability to communicate with and understand cats, which is something many cat owners wish they possessed. Haru’s new cat friends reward her in a variety of ways as she is praised and thanked for saving the cat prince’s life. As a result, we’ve ranked this film first on our list of furry anime!

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