Top 10 Anime Cat Boys

Meow~ Purr~ They’re odd, adorable, and fantastic! Yes, indeed! We can’t deny that cats have a lot of fluff to throw at us. As a result, it’s no surprise that the Nekomimi anime trope has been a big hit with the audience.

Despite its popularity, we mostly see Nekomimi girls dominating this genre. Still, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice these incredibly cute Nekomimi boys. To spare you the trouble, we did the searching for you, our valued and wonderful readers.

A Cat boy can have many different personalities, most notably in terms of how they act and look. Some are fully human cats, while others are a cat boy who is completely human.

There are also those who Cosplay them for fun, as well as those who are pure cat boys and even those who can shapeshift from human to feline. Overall, they have a character that combines feline and human traits/mannerisms.

10. Tsuburaya, Norio from Love Pistols

Humans are divided into two groups based on their species. Kakuen, or ape-man, is the most common species, accounting for 70% of the population. They are descended from monkeys, as their name suggests. They have no control over the visibility of their souls, nor can they see the manifestations of other souls.

The remaining 30% of the population is known as Madararui, or zoo-man, and they have the ability to see the manifestation of other people’s souls as well as control their own shape. Norio, who has been the subject of unwanted attention, must have been taken aback when he learned that he is now a member of the 30%.

Tsuburaya, Norio
Tsuburaya, Norio ( Source: Pinterest)

Norio used to think of himself as an ordinary guy, until an accident reawakened his Madararui side. He is an ape-man and zoo-man hybrid who belongs to the nekomata species. His soul manifests as a brown cat with white fur around his face and all the way down to his belly.

Norio is prone to letting his emotions get the best of him, but it is this attitude that makes him so entertaining and appealing.

9. Rokumon from Kyoukai no Rinne (Circle of Reincarnation)

Sakura Mamiya has been seeing ghosts since she was kidnapped during her childhood. She discovers the truth about her classmate Rokudo, Rinne, now that she is in high school. He is a Shinigami-human hybrid who assists souls in their reincarnation.

Rokumon is a black cat who made a deal with Rinne to be his helper and supporter. Rinne’s grandmother, Tomoko, is his true master, and she just fired him. Thankfully, thanks to Rokumon’s unwavering persistence and persuasion, he is able to reach an agreement with his new master, albeit at the cost of covering his own expenses.

He is the ideal partner for Rinne because he is loyal and lovable. He takes three different forms, each of which is beneficial to Rinne and himself.

Rokumon ( Source: Pinterest)

His first appearance is that of a humanoid, the second is that of a full-fledged cat, which he uses to entice people to give him food, and the third is that of a large scary demon cat, which can be useful, especially when traveling. Although his actions appear to be misguided, this devoted cat boy has only good intentions.

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8. Aion & Rom from Show by Rock!!

Rock’s show!! It follows the story of a shy young girl named Hijirikawa, Cyan, who was drawn inside in her favorite rhythm game. It features a large number of kemonomimi characters. There is a place in the game called Midi City where music reigns supreme.

Shingan Crimsonz, like Cyan, who joined the Plasmagica to be the best band in the city, aspires to be the best band in the city.

Aion ( Source: Pinterest)

Shingan Crimsonz is actually made up of two cat boys. Aion is the group’s lion guitarist, while Rom is the group’s leopard drummer. Why not have them both in our 8th place because they are band mates and belong to the same feline family? Aion is one of those characters who enjoys posing for the camera. He holds himself in high regard and enjoys being the center of attention. Rom, on the other hand, is the most responsible and persuasive of the group.

He acts as if he is the group’s leader, despite the fact that he isn’t. Rom is usually the one who pulls his bandmates back together when they go astray, despite the fact that he uses his fists to talk and express his feelings. Check out Show by Rock!! Short!, which should have aired by now if you want to see more of them.

Rom ( Source: Pinterest)

7. Airay, Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World (Alice in the Country of Hearts)

Heart no Kuni no Alice is a bizarre and perplexing world based on the Otome game of the same name and loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. Any story based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is bound to be strange, and this show is no exception. The basic plot is very similar to the original. Quin Rose, on the other hand, manages to make it their own by creating its own colorful world and characters.

Alice is our protagonist, and she wakes up in a world that is very different from the one she is used to. As she embarks on her journey to return to her own world, she meets a variety of characters who will provide her with clues as to why she is in Wonderland.

Airay, Boris
Airay, Boris ( Source: Pinterest)

Airay, Boris, a character based on the Cheshire cat, is one of the characters Alice meets. He enjoys riddles and is a mischievous character, just like his original counterpart. He’s an intriguing character because he enjoys designing and fabricating weapons.

He can make anything from swords to guns to axes to bombs! He is laid-back, carefree, and pursues anything that piques his interest, just like any other cat.

6. Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts, like our previous pick, is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Oz, who had just turned 15, was thrown into the Abyss, a dark place. Now lost in the terrifying world of the abyss, his only hope is to form a contract with a chain named Alice, unaware that this will send him further down the rabbit hole.

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat ( Source: Pinterest)

Do you see how Cheshire cat and Airay, Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice are alike? They’re a perfect match, especially since they’re based on Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire cat. Despite their similarities, Pandora’s Cheshire has a darker demeanor. He was Alice’s beloved pet cat prior to the start of the series, and he once held the truth from 100 years ago in his bell, which Alice had given to him.

Cheshire comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which resemble cats. He can be very sweet and affectionate toward the intention, but once he sees the displeased intention in something, he will not hesitate to shed blood to remove anything that threatens his master’s happiness.

5. Schrodinger from Hellsing Ultimate

With Hellsing Ultimate’s dark atmosphere, a werecat character with a cute childlike appearance and a fun personality lurks around the series. Yes, we’re referring to Schrödinger of Hellsing, a member of the Millennium Organization and the Major’s direct command. He was created by Doc to serve as a spy, messenger, and pet cat for the Major, who adores the cat boy.

Schrodinger ( Source: Pinterest)

He was named and referenced after Schrödinger’s cat experiment in that he can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time; to put it another way, it will be when he thinks and believes in that mindset. In some ways, it’s complicated, but that’s what makes him, alongside Alucard, one of Hellsing’s omnipotent characters.

What’s not to like about Schrödinger, despite his role as a villain? Schrödinger is adorable, charming, and playful, as one would expect from such a likeable series character.

4. Loki “Leo” from Fairy Tail

Leo is a celestial spirit who fights with magic regulus. The Lion is the leader of the 12 golden celestial keys and is known as the Lion. His story begins when he was under the command of Karen, a celestial spirit mage. Because his former master abused his friend Aries, he made it a point to remain on Earth, preventing Karen from summoning other celestial beings.

Karen immediately refused Leo’s offer to return and open the gate on the condition that she break her contract with him and Aries, which Leo insisted on. Days turned into weeks before Loki discovered Karen had died while on a mission. He assumed the name Loki and joined the Fairy Tail guild, blaming himself for her death.

Loki ( Source: Pinterest)

Loki is a typical playboy who is constantly flirting with females. He is, however, responsible and capable of displaying great concern for his friends. Loki is fiercely loyal to his current master, Lucy, and will seize any opportunity to seduce her. You can see his lion ears on top of his head, as well as his orange hair and lion mane, in his celestial form.

3. Aoyagi, Ritsuka from Loveless

Ritsuka meets an enigmatic man named Agatsuma, Soubi, who claims to be a good friend of his big brother Seimei, after finishing his first day at school in Aoyagi. Ritsuka was introduced to the world of spell battles through Soubi, where a sacrifice and a fighter with the same name are required.

The sacrifice is the one who takes the punishment and is the master of the two, whereas the fighter is the one who fights and is the servant of the two. Ritsuka and Soubi search the Septimal Moon for the truth behind Seimei’s death and the cause of his amnesia now that they have the ability to fight.

Aoyagi, Ritsuka
Aoyagi, Ritsuka ( Source: Pinterest)

Everyone is born with cat traits such as cat ears and tails in the world of lovelessness; it also symbolizes purity and innocence. Sexual intercourse is the only way for these cat traits to vanish. Ritsuka, Aoyagi, is on our list because he hasn’t lost his cat boy form.

Ritsuka, which translates to “loveless,” is a 12-year-old boy who demonstrates intelligence and maturity far beyond his years. Despite this, when it comes to love, our little cat boy is shy and naive. He can be cold and frank at times, but the show becomes more engaging and entertaining as a result of his character’s complexity and the way he confronts difficult challenges head on.

2. Souma, Kyou from Fruits Basket

Honda, Tohru’s seemingly ordinary life is turned upside down when she is forced to live with Souma, Yuki, his uncle Shigure, and cousin Kyou. Every day must have been an adventure for her, especially when she discovered the secret of the smash.

When weakened, emotionally distressed, or touched by someone of the opposite sex, some members of the Souma family, with Kyou being an exception, are cursed to transform into their zodiac animal spirit. It’s now up to Tohru to figure out who they are and how he can help them break the curse.

Souma, Kyou
Souma, Kyou ( Source: Pinterest)

As previously stated, Kyou’s case is unique in that he is haunted by the spirit of a cat who, unfortunately, fell victim to the rat’s deception and was unable to become one of the 12 zodiac signs. To protect himself, Kyou developed an aggressive and hot-headed personality.

Regardless, he hides his softer side from all but a few people who can see it. He has cat-like mannerisms, such as a fondness for milk and fish, the ability to be startled easily, a preference for high places, and a dislike for being restrained. In addition, he is quick and agile. As a cat, he can’t help but despise Yuki, who is a rat and thus his natural foe.

1. Tsukiyomi, Ikuto & Yoru from Shugo Chara! (Guardian Character!)

Shugo Chara! tells the story of Hinamori, Amu, who wishes to reveal her true self to the world. Three guardian characters were born as a result of her wish to assist her in achieving her goal. She eventually earns a spot on the student council (which also has its own Chara) as the joker who can use the Humpty Lock’s power to cleanse the X-Eggs and X-Characters.

She eventually meets Ikuto and his Chara Yoru, who are members of the Ester Company organization. They’re looking for the Embryo that can grant any wish, but the process of extracting a Heart’s Egg can taint the dreams it contains.

Tsukiyomi, Ikuto
Tsukiyomi, Ikuto ( Source: Pinterest)

These two are grouped together because they can be considered as a single entity. After all, like a stray cat, Yoru embodies Ikuto’s desire to be free. With the help of his Chara, Yoru, Ikuto can change or transform into a cat boy. Despite the fact that Yoru is Ikuto’s future self, they do not share the same personality; well, except for the fact that they enjoy teasing those around them. Ikuto has a more enigmatic aura surrounding him. He is largely uninterested and remains silent the majority of the time.

Despite this, he has a sweet, caring personality that transforms into selflessness when those close to him are in danger. Meanwhile, Yoru, his sidekick, has a selfish, playful attitude and enjoys saying “nya”!

He enjoys wandering around looking for something to amuse himself with or someone with whom he can have a good time. What more could you ask for than Ikuto, our ideal bad boy, and Yoru, who possesses a plethora of endearing qualities? They’re the total package for a cat boy! new york

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