Top 10 Anime Boys With Pink Hair

Pink is a color that is typically associated with females. It has a warm and sweet vibe to it. Pink is the color associated with Barbie, Hello Kitty, My Melody, and a slew of other girly items.

Despite the fact that pink is typically associated with girls, there are many pink-haired boys in the anime world. Given the circumstances, a pink-haired character would be all sweet and girly.

The characters on this list, on the other hand, are anything but sweet or feminine. They have the ability to disprove your assumptions! Some of them could start a war with just a glance, while others, despite their pink hair, are incredibly manly! Continue reading to learn more about these ten hot-tempered, eye-catching pink-haired boys’ personalities!

10. Szayel Aporro Grantz from Bleach

Let’s get this ranking off to a strong start. Szayel Aporro Grantz is the only person on this list who goes against the pink color’s positive connotations. He’s an Arrancar, so he has to be mean by definition. He isn’t just a bad guy; he’s also a good guy.

Szayel Aporro is a twisted and sadistic character at his core. All of the arrancars were initially depicted as evil, but they later revealed one or two redeeming qualities. Szayel Aporro is not one of them.

Szayel Aporro Grantz
Szayel Aporro Grantz ( Source: Pinterest)

He is Espada’s scientist, so he is extremely intelligent and meticulous. Aporro has a proclivity to regard others as mere research subjects. He is narcissistic to an alarming degree, and he frequently makes lewd remarks about his foes. When he starts laughing maniacally or plays with his victims, his twisted side comes out.

Because he can reproduce himself in another person’s body, he considers himself a “perfect being.” He also considers himself “immortal.” It’s impossible to forget how he teased Renji and Ishida by slowly crushing their internal organs during a battle.

It took an even more twisted scientist to bring him down; in fact, his meeting with Mayuri Kurotsuchi – captain of Gotei 13’s 12th division and the Shinigami Research Institute’s 2nd president – was enough to put an end to his madness for good.

9. Renzou Shima from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

Let’s continue with Renzou Shima, the pink-haired kid from Blue Exorcist! When you’re an exorcist, dealing with a cast of characters who act all high and mighty, life can be difficult. Renzou Shima is well aware of it, having to deal with Satan’s son Rin Okumura and hot-tempered Ryuuji Suguro, who are constantly bickering over trivial matters!

Renzou Shima
Renzou Shima ( Source: Pinterest)

He has a passion for pink color, in fact, he dyed his brown hair in a peach pink color which became the reason why Rin and the others keep on teasing him. Renzou is a carefree young man with a passion for women. His youth – he is 15 years old – and lack of experience, on the other hand, drive him to delusional love outcomes.

Renzou has a flirtatious side. He is easily frightened, but insects are his greatest fear. If he sees one bug next to him, he can overreact, which is one of the reasons why he is constantly teased by the others. He is, however, a trustworthy companion.

He grew up with Ryuuji and will prove his loyalty numerous times. Aside from that, when he meets Rin for the first time, his friendly side shines through. He befriends Rin, completely disregarding the blue flames or the fact that Rin is Satan’s son!

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8. Shihou Kimizuki from Seraph Of The End: Vampire Reign (Owari no Seraph)

Shihou Kimizuki from Seraph Of The End is another pink-haired boy who stands out. As previously stated, this color should evoke warm and sweet feelings, but this is not the case with Shihou Kimizuki! At least not at first glance.

Shihou’s decision to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army stems from her sister’s infection with the Apocalypse Virus. His desire to save her sister drove him to join the army, where he might be able to gain access to the resources he needs to save her.

Shihou Kimizuki
Shihou Kimizuki ( Source: Pinterest)

Aside from his caring-brother side, what can we say about his personality? He is irritable and always ready for a fight, especially when dealing with Yuu or Mitsuba, who are both irritable. He is competitive and conscientious when it comes to school or training.

He has a cute side to him, despite his cold demeanor. First and foremost, despite his best efforts, he blushes easily. Then, whenever one of his friends is hurt, his cold exterior is shattered; he doesn’t hesitate; he simply runs to assist his teammates!

7. Akari Dezart from Karneval

We’ve arrived at number seven, with a tyrannical, hot, pink-haired doctor! Karneval’s Akari Dezart works as a scientist for the Circus organization’s research division.

To put it bluntly, he is a tyrant, insensitive, and cold individual. Despite this, he enjoys widespread support among nurses, who genuinely admire him. We can’t say we blame them. He is a tyrant who uses words to hurt people, but he has no malicious intent. Akari simply lacks the patience to filter his words to make them appear less harsh, but he always tells it like it is.

Akari Dezart
Akari Dezart ( Source: Pinterest)

Akari is a grumpy person. Hirato likes to tease him nonstop because of this aspect of his personality. While Hirato enjoys his interactions with Akari, she finds him annoying. Akari is a workaholic, and it’s amusing to watch how most of his patients try to avoid getting their check-ups.

Yogi, in particular, is terrified of Akari. So much so that he can’t bear looking him in the eyes, and he avoids seeing Akari whenever he has a check-up appointment!

6. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Let’s keep going with a pink-haired Fairy Tail ticking bomb! Even if it isn’t due to the pink color, Natsu Dragneel radiates warmth! He wields the power of the flame as a mage in the Fairy Tail guild.

His personality is captivating. For starters, he has a habit of using violence to solve problems, and he manages to squabble with every member of his guild, especially Gray Fullbuster, who is his greatest rival and, ironically, wields the power of the ice. Natsu is unafraid to show his strength and is unafraid to take risks.

Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel ( Source: Pinterest)

He also has a very loyal side to him. Despite bickering with his teammates and acting irritable, he is overprotective of his friends and will go out of his way to help them, no matter how insignificant the problem may be. Furthermore, he possesses a peculiar trait: he is incapable of holding grudges, and as a result, he easily forgets and forgives the harm he has suffered.

5. Ringo Tsukimiya from Uta no Prince Sama (Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%)

Let’s talk about Uta no Prince Sama’s cross-dressing idol Ringo Tsukimiya, who probably gives off the exact vibes you’d expect from a pink-haired boy!

Ringo Tsukimiya is a well-known idol who serves as an adviser to the A Class. He’s cute and feminine, and he cross dresses to emphasize his attractive features. His long lashes frame beautiful blue eyes, and his hair is curly and long.

He is cheerful, and it is difficult to tell that he is a man based on his appearance. He can get very angry and fearful when he is confused with a girl, as cheerful as he is, and he can get even angrier when he is not recognized as the popular idol that he is.

Ringo Tsukimiya
Ringo Tsukimiya ( Source: Pinterest)

He tells his students to call him “Ringo-chan” in order to foster a positive relationship with them. He is young, so he is close in age to his students, and he enjoys listening to their problems. When Ringo noticed Nanami’s problems with his classmates, he stepped in to help her prove that she was worth attending the Saotome Academy!

4. Kisumi Shigino from Free! – Eternal Summer

Let’s move on to the fourth position with a supporting character who quickly became popular with the audience! Kisumi Shigino, with his pink hair, is a cheerful character who, despite his few appearances in the anime, is well-liked by all.

The reasons are most likely related to his appearance, as he is depicted as a lovely young man with messy pink hair and violet eyes, as well as his distinct personality. In fact, we can’t deny that he was a breath of fresh air among those troubled teenagers in Free! – Eternal Summer who were dealing with their own issues.

Kisumi is a chatty, friendly, and laid-back young man who speaks without hesitation. He has the ability to harm others, but he is unaware of it because he is as naive as he appears.

Kisumi Shigino
Kisumi Shigino ( Source: Pinterest)

Since they were in junior high together, he has been close friends with Makoto. During junior high, Kisumi had a crush on Makoto, and as a member of the basketball club, he tried numerous times to persuade Makoto to join the team.

Kisumi may appear cute on the surface, but he is also a caring older brother. Hayato fell overboard while on a boat in the middle of the ocean with Kisumi, and he developed a fear of water from that point on. Kisumi has always felt responsible, but Hayato adores his older brother and jumps up to hug him whenever he sees him!

3. Ryuu Zaou from Cute High Defense Club LOVE! (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!)

A member of the Earth Defense Club takes third place! Ryuu Zaou is a second-year Binan High School student. He is given the power to transform into the Thrilling Prince Battle Lover Vesta when a pink wombat appears in front of him and the other four members of the club.

Ryuu Zaou
Ryuu Zaou ( Source: Pinterest)

Ryuu is only interested in one thing: women. So, when Wombat forces them to fight in the name of love, he claims that he will fight for them because women are everything good in life! Despite this, he doesn’t take himself too seriously in his role. We could say Yumoto is the only one who takes it seriously, as he didn’t even appear surprised when he heard a pink wombat speak.

Ryuu has a strange personality. He gets along well with the other members of the Earth Defense Club, particularly Io Naruko, with whom he shares the same grades. Ryuu is laid-back, jovial, and devoted to his friends.

He is usually willing to assist them unless he is preoccupied with his numerous girlfriends! We don’t know what else to say about him. Ryuu is completely pink; not only does he have pink hair, but he also has a pleasant personality that complements our perception of pink!

2. Toyohi Utsumi from This Boy is a Professional Wizard (Kono Danshi, Mahou ga Oshigoto Desu.)

Let’s move on to our second position, where we’ll meet Chiharu Kashima, a professional wizard, who has to deal with a difficult person as a lover. When Toyohi and Chiharu meet, it’s love at first sight for Toyohi. Toyohi, being a straightforward individual, simply tells Chiharu that he would like to get to know him better.

Chiharu, on the other hand, misinterprets Toyohi’s genuine curiosity for a wizard’s power as mere curiosity. As a result of Chiharu’s low self-esteem, he begins to act cold and distances himself from Toyohi.

Toyohi Utsumi
Toyohi Utsumi ( Source: Pinterest)

What can we say about this laid-back pink-haired adolescent? He is obstinate and self-assured. He’s willing to show Chiharu that he’s genuinely interested in him as a person, not just as a wizard. Toyohi cheers Chiharu up by demonstrating what Chiharu couldn’t see about himself: that he is a wonderful, caring person who fell for Chiharu for those reasons.

Toyohi’s personality has all the positive qualities that a pink-haired boy should have. With all of his patience and devotion to Chiharu, didn’t he deserve to be in second place?

1. Tomoya Matsunaga from Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days)

The first place goes to “Mattsun,” a narcissistic boy from Rainbow Days! Mattsun is one of the four main characters in this currently airing show. He, Tsuyopon, Nacchan, and Kei-chan are best friends, but among them, Mattsun is the one who is more successful with girls.

He likes to play around with numerous girls, and he said that he couldn’t get too serious with anyone of them since he tends to get bored easily.

Tables turn when he meets a strange girl, Mari, who is probably the only one that doesn’t fall for his flattering manners. On the contrary, Mari shows him all her disgust, and she goes as far as to spit in his face. The irony in their story is that Mattsun, for the first time, has to fight to obtain the attention of a girl, who is head over heels for her best friend, Anna.

We don’t know how these two will resolve their feelings, as the show is still ongoing, but it’s gonna be a nice battle for Mattsun, who until that moment had just to sit and wait for the girls to come.

Tomoya Matsunaga
Tomoya Matsunaga ( Source: Pinterest)

Mattsun is a playboy, but towards his friends, he is very funny. Together with Kei-chan, he loves teasing Nacchan whenever he shows his pitiful side in matters concerning love. However, even if he teases Nacchan, he is always prone to help him.

In fact, whenever Nacchan is too shy to make a move toward his beloved Anna, he intervenes and creates the right occasion to make them interact.

Mattsun has a sort of complex toward his little sister, Nozomi. When he discovers that Nozomi is interested in Kei-chan, knowing Kei-chan’s personality, he gets all flustered and upset himself. Anyway, he just wants his best friend and his sister to be happy, so he will calm down eventually. Well, didn’t he deserve our 1st position?

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