Toni Collette: Husband Praised, Controversial Show ‘Wanderlust’

Toni Collette has played a wide range of complex characters over the years. But, whether in Muriel’s Wedding or The Sixth Sense, she has always avoided playing a character who is similar to herself in real life.

This could also imply that the characters’ lives have deep meanings, but their lives are not similar to hers. Her portrayal of Joy in Wanderlust is one of these roles.

The show, about a counselor attempting to rekindle her marriage with her husband, Alan, bears no resemblance to her actual life with her husband, Dave Galafassi.

But her performance was so moving that even Galafassi was moved.

Toni Collette’s Husband Applauded Her Performance in “Wanderlust”

In the show, Collette’s character, Joy, a therapist, finds herself desiring more from her marriage with her husband, Alan.

She begins to question monogamy and whether she should give in to her desires for another man.

Extramarital affairs occur on both her and Alan’s sides. Collette understood the complexities of marriage and how realistic it is for those scenarios to occur in real life.

“Everyone goes through the same thing,” Collette said of her character’s predicament. She recognized how people seek perfection in their marriages at first.

However, she thought it was difficult to predict how your spouse would grow and change. “And if you don’t make an effort to [do that] together, you never know what will happen,” the actress said of her marital problems.

Colleen appears in several “fumbly sex scenes,” as described by SMH. Collette delivered an excellent performance on the show, acting on these and delivering funny, deep lines for her role.

Galafassi, her real-life husband, understood everything. During an interview with SMH in September 2018, she became teary-eyed when asked if he had seen it.

“Everything,” Collette admitted. “He’s really open-minded and pretty aware of what life can throw at people,” she said of his understanding nature.
“This is the best thing you’ve ever done,” her husband added. She had cried as a result of the compliment.

In a January 2019 interview with Now To Love, she revealed a few more details about her marriage and how her character’s life differed from her own.

Even before she was given the role, she realized the importance of teamwork and communication.

However, the actress clarified that she would never consider having an open relationship in real life.

When asked why she thought her marriage lasted so long, she attributed it to Galafassi.

“My husband is a wonderful person. He’s very patient. He’s fantastic with our kids “She burst out laughing. “He’s also very loving, caring, and supportive. He prioritizes everyone else. I truly am the luckiest woman alive.”

Wedding and Family Life of Toni Collette

Collette met her husband in Sydney in early 2002. She attended the album release party for a friend’s boyfriend’s band, Gelbison.

Galafassi was in charge of the drums, and they became acquainted after the concert. They ran into each other again a few days later at a house party.

After spending an unplanned 12 hours at the party, their relationship took off.

Their wedding took place on January 11, 2003. The ceremony was a traditional Buddhist sunset wedding, with Buddhist monks assisting.

Sage Florence and Arlo Robert are the couple’s two children. Sage, Sage’s daughter, was born on January 9, 2008, and Arlo was born on April 22, 2011.
Collette now lives in Sydney with her family.

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