Will TLC’s ‘The Little Couple’ Get Renewed After the 14th Season? Learn the Details here!

Since its debut on May 26, 2009, TLC’s reality show The Little Couple has been a fan favorite. Dr. Jennifer Arnold, a neonatologist, and her husband, Bill Klein, were the stars of the show.

The episode highlighted the difficulties they faced on a daily basis because they both have a rare form of skeletal dysplasia. It followed their experiences as parents after adopting Zoey Nidhi, an Indian baby girl, and William Rijin, a Chinese son. Their remarkable relocation from New York to Houston, Texas was also featured.

The Little Couple built a loyal fanbase over 14 seasons thanks to its relevant and encouraging content. After a legal fight between the production and the celebrity couple, the show hasn’t been renewed since the last episode aired in September 2019. Has Season 15 of the show been canceled? That’s all we have to say about it!

Season 15 of ‘The Little Couple’ could be in the works

Given that the couple reached a settlement with the production following the lawsuit, season 15 of The Little Couple is likely to return to TLC. Adding to the potential, despite the show’s nearly two-year pause, neither the production nor the broadcasting channel have officially canceled it.

The Little Couple TLC

So, until and unless an official cancellation notification reaches the public, there’s still hope for the beloved duo to return to the small screen.

Details of the Court Case

The Little Couple’s legal issues began in June 2016, when the show’s creators, LMNO Cable Group, filed a $7 million lawsuit against Discovery Communications. Discovery was accused of manipulating account records in order to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to the documentary. The channel, according to LMNO, hijacked the show and forced them out of business.

Despite the accounting issue, the parties were able to reach an understanding. The fight, however, was not yet over. The main characters stepped in to help this time. They filed a lawsuit in May 2017 seeking contingent compensation based on allegations of exaggerated spending and fabricated accounting papers.

The husband-and-wife team claimed they were entitled to a share of both LMNO’s contingent compensation and Discovery’s adjusted gross profits, according to their petition. LMNO was charged with fraud, breach of contract, unfair competition, conversion, and other charges. The couple also expressed concern about losing valuable monetary and intellectual property rights that would be decided without their input.

A federal judge in California denied their fraud and conversion claims three years after they took the initial step. They lost their fight to restore intellectual property rights when a judge determined they didn’t prove they were duped into signing the contract. In July 2020, the couple and the production negotiated after the court ordered the lawsuit be dropped through mediation and settlement.

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