Thomas Jacobs Lying To Himself Made His ‘The Bachelorette’ Despairing!

Thomas Jacobs did not make many friends during his time on The Bachelorette earlier this year; it’s safe to say. During the Aug. 24 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, he reflected on his previous show’s experience and admitted that his people-pleasing instincts led to him being ousted from the competition.

Jacobs on the Importance of Being True to Yourself

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Thomas Jacobs discussed the lessons he gained during his time on the show on the Talking It Out podcast on Aug. 30. He admitted that his time in New Mexico while filming The Bachelorette wasn’t all flowers.

Anything you do, how you present yourself here [on The Bachelorette] is how you present yourself everywhere, which is why I wouldn’t alter a thing because of the perspective it provided.

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As the experience of being emotionally charged suddenly took a toll on him, the 29-year-old talked of betraying his genuine identity. He was always experimenting with different ways to please everyone, even if it meant compromising his own happiness. Jacobs admitted that his time on the show didn’t go well because he didn’t stay true to himself. The reality star ended the show by telling his listeners that they should “never leave their core principles of who they are,” no matter what.

Jacobs Thinks Back on His Time on ‘The Bachelorette’

Jacobs has been picked as one of the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 contestants. However, it appears that his ambition to capitalize on his television appearance led him to extend his stay in The Bachelor nation. His ABC profile stated, “For [Thomas], it’s all about substance and authentic companionship.” “His ideal lady is stunning, athletic, mature, and eager to be his life mate.”

He expressed his joy at becoming a part of the show and added that he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else.

Thomas Jacobs’ Guest Appearance on ‘The Bachelorette’

Jacobs received a lot of backlash after admitting to appearing on the show solely to perpetuate the Bachelor franchise.

Katie Thurston, the star of season 17 of The Bachelorette, was initially quite taken with Jacobs. While others starting informing her about his behavior when she wasn’t present, she began to doubt everything. During a group date, Tre Cooper informed Thurston about Jacobs, telling her of Jacobs’ plan to be the next ‘Bachelor’ instead of her spouse.

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He talked about how brilliant he was with words, to the point where it felt like he was lulling people into thinking he was a nice guy. Thurston obviously was taken aback by what she learned about Jacobs at first. She later asked other guys in the home about Jacobs at the cocktail party, and most of them called him out for being deceptive and harmful to everyone in the house.

She sat down with Jacobs right away and challenged him about his genuine motivations. Jacobs tried to get Thurston to see his point of view. He added that when the boys asked if he thought he had a chance of being the next ‘Bachelor,’ he said “absolutely” without hesitation.

Despite Thurston’s uncertainty, Jacobs was voted off the show following the rose ceremony that night. She told Jacobs, “You told me things I wanted to hear.” “Tonight is the last day of your Bachelor audition. So leave now.”

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