Third Time Lucky? Diane Ladd Is Finally Happy With Her Partner After Two Failed Marriages!

Diane Ladd has had a string of bad luck in her personal life. But it was all in the past, and owing to her current marriage; she is now in a much better place.

Relationship Status

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Actor Bruce Dern was Ladd’s first spouse, with whom Diane Ladd was married for nine years, from 1960 until 1969. She and her have two children together. The actress has been candid about her failed marriage to him. The 85-year-old confessed in an interview with Parade magazine that her first marriage ended due to the loss of their first child. Their first child, a daughter, died at the age of 18 months after drowning. The former couple attempted to cope with the catastrophe, but the sadness was too much for them to take, and they split up.

Moreover, she has stated that the loss of her first child caused her to be an overprotective mother to their second daughter, Laura. Despite being a watchful dad, Ladd insisted that Laura pursue her ambition of becoming an actress.

Diane Ladd Children
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In 2018, the loving mother posted an Instagram snapshot of her daughter with the poignant message, “Watching my kind, caring, talented, beautiful daughter who fights for all of us.” Laura, I’m really proud of you.” Despite the fact that her first marriage did not work out, she appears to be on excellent terms with her former husband, to the point where she has directed him in a film. She’s even made light of it, saying, “I say, ladies, if you want revenge, direct your ex-husband.”

It’s also been a privilege for her to work with him, according to the actress. She even joked that while Dern may not have been a terrific spouse, he is a fantastic actor. William A. Shea, Jr. was Ladd’s second spouse, whom she married four years after her first divorce. But, once again, it did not work out, and she divorced him in 1976. She is not married to him and has no children.

Diane Ladd’s Married Life With Her Third Husband

Robert Charles Hunter is the current husband of the renowned actor. Hunter is her third spouse, and he is an author, lecturer, advisor, and business leader.
Even after 21 years of marriage, the pair appears to be very much in love. They have been married since 1999. Both Ladd and Hunter have children from prior marriages. They’re now all part of one large family, nevertheless. Furthermore, all of their children had children of their own, making the pair grandparents to all of their grandchildren.

Diane Ladd and Robert Charles Hunter
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The couple currently resides in California and enjoys spending time with their 10 grandchildren. They appear to be happy now that they can teach their grandchildren how to climb a rock or build something on the beach. Ladd and her husband have said that they have a special bond with all 10 of their grandchildren and that being with them brings them the most delight.

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