The Rumors of Deji’s Boxing Bout With AnEsonGib Date Getting Revealed – Is it true?

Deji, a YouTuber, revealed earlier this month that he would be taking a sabbatical from social media to focus on boxing.

The social media sensation, who aspired to be a boxer, had already lost two fights to influencer Jake Paul and TikToker Vinnie Hacker. He had sworn to beat Hacker in the duel. However, Deji was defeated in the game. Following that, the YouTuber produced a video in which he stated that he would take a break from social media to concentrate on boxing.

Deji did not specify how long he would be away, but Keemstar, the owner of the online entertainment channel Drama Alert, reported a few weeks ago that he will be back soon. Furthermore, videos of Deji during his training were leaked and became popular on the internet.

Fans anticipated that he will face Austin McBroom of the ACE family vlog channel on YouTube. Meanwhile, Deji had remained silent, but on November 30, he finally hinted at what was to come.

He Sets A Date On Twitter

The YouTuber did not provide any other information other than the date. He didn’t say whether he was fighting McBroom as some had speculated, nor did he say whether the date had anything to do with his comeback to the ring. Fans were overjoyed to hear from their favorite social media celebrity and expressed their delight in the comments area.

Deji Boxing
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Deji’s mysterious post, however, divided his supporters as much as it delighted them. It was the day of his fight, according to some fans. Others speculated that he would not fight on that date, but would instead announce the date and opponent for his next bout.

A day following Deji’s tweet, Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, also known as AnEsonGib, a fellow British YouTuber, stated that he was making a boxing announcement on the same date as Deji.

Deji vs. AnEsonGib

AnEsonGib tweeted on December 1 that he would make a significant boxing announcement on December 2.

Because it was improbable that Deji would battle McBroom, some fans theorized in the comments that the boxing match would be “gib VS deji.” They reasoned that the ACE family YouTuber couldn’t fight since he was facing eviction from his Los Angeles mansion.

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Some fans believed Deji and AnEsonGib would fight, while others believed it was impossible. They claimed that rather of battling, they would most likely be on the same card.

The YouTubers’ commemoration on the same date sparked a Twitter prediction war. From the main event to the undercards, they stated their predictions for the schedule. Nothing has been confirmed so far, but fans will not have to wait long for formal confirmation because December 2 is rapidly coming.

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