The Origins of Saylor James Cutler’s Name – The Daughter of Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler!

Saylor James Cutler, the daughter of Laguna Beach actress Kristin Cavallari and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, is well-known.

Quick Facts

Full Name Saylor James Cutler
First Name Saylor
Middle Name James
Date of Birth November 23, 2015
Age 5 years
Last Name Cutler
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Jay Cutler
Father Profession former American football quarterback
Mother Name Kristin Cavallari
Mother Profession television personality, fashion designer, and actress
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Sagittarius
Siblings Camden Jack and Jaxon Wyatt

Saylor James Cutler Parents’ Love Story

Kristin was recognizable to Jay because his sister was a Laguna Beach enthusiast. He was the one who asked her out on a date in the first place. Kristin was in the middle of filming The Hills when her agent called to tell her that Jay Cutler wanted to fly her to Chicago and take her on a date.

She declined the proposal since she did not want a boyfriend. Although she denied seeing him the first time, she did run into him again while in Chicago with her mother and cousin for a Bears game.

They hit it off right away and started hanging out together. A romantic bond developed between the two lovers. Every two weeks, she would return to Chicago.

Throughout their long-distance relationship, the two kept in touch on a daily basis. Her boyfriend used to send her the most romantic emails. After dating for eight months, the couple got engaged in April 2011. Their relationship, on the other hand, lasted only a few months.

Why Did Saylor James Cutler Parents Call Off Their Wedding?

The duo had a slew of issues they needed to address. There were a few more items that needed to be altered as well. As a result, the engagement could only be called off. The couple returned three weeks later. The couple tied the knot in 2013. The wedding took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

Siblings \sCamden Her two siblings are Jack and Jaxon Wyatt. Both of her siblings get along nicely with her. On November 10, 2019, her mother shared a photo of her and her siblings posing for littlejamesclothing on Twitter. They all covered their faces with a cup while striking various poses because their mother wanted to safeguard their privacy.

Saylor James Cutler Relationship with Her Mother

Her mother and she have a tight relationship. Her mother frequently sends cute images of her. Kristin took a beautiful photo to commemorate her daughter’s fourth birthday. Her small princess was encircling her arms. She described Saylor as her best buddy and mini-me.

Saylor James Cutler parents were divorcing and had filed for divorce

After a decade of blissful marriage, the husband and wife filed for divorce on April 7, 2020. There have been a lot of rumors about their impending divorce.

Some say it’s because of infidelity, while others say it’s because they don’t like one other anymore. On April 27, 2020, Kristin shared a selfie of herself with Jay, stating that they had decided to divorce and that it was simply a case of two people growing apart.

Calamari is her mother’s name, so why is she called that?

Saylor James Cutler’s mother, Kristin Cavallari, was asked why her daughter is called Calamari by Ryan. Calamari, she said, but Cavallari with an ascent is how it’s spelled in Italian.

They went on to discuss their reality show, ‘The Hills.’ She has been using drugs, according to sources, and they may see some of them play out in the upcoming season of the show. Kristen claimed that the only thing they’ll see this season is what happened last week, namely the Miami Super Bowl Weekend, and the girls accused her of drug use.

She went on to say that she was drinking and having a good time, but that they assumed she was on drugs was ridiculous. They then followed her home, and US Weekly published an article about it.

In response to a question about who she had the most trouble with this season, she said, Stephanie and Lo, Kristin stated, would be in charge due to the drug allegations.

Ryan questioned her feelings regarding the show’s conclusion. Kristin’s reaction was bittersweet, she said. In regards to Heidi, she stated that her plot on the show is fantastic, but it’s a little sad since she was a pretty girl before all of this surgery, and now she thinks she looks empty.

Was Ryan taken aback when he realized what all that effort was for? According to Kristin, Heidi wasn’t happy with the way she looked before. When this interview aired, Kristin had been single for roughly two and a half years and was ready to start dating again. The entire interview can be viewed by following the link below.

Tomi Lahren and Jay Cutler are rumored to be dating

On Twitter, the rumor that Jay Cutler was dating Tomi Lahren went widespread. Several people made trolls about it, as well. Tomi is an American Republican political pundit and former television personality.

Jay responded to the accusation by posting a video of himself with his farm animal on Instagram and captioning it, “I’m the only woman in my life…

The rumored couple does not appear to be dating. They were spotted together at Winners Bar in Music City, taking tequila shots straight from the bottle, sparking rumors about their relationship.

The Meaning of the daughter of Laguna Beach Name

Everyone nowadays wants to give their children meaningful names. Saylor’s middle name, James, comes from the name of her mother’s business. Her mother founded the Uncommon James jewelry brand, the Little James clothing line, and the Uncommon James Home home goods firm.

The origin of her first name is quite intriguing. When Saylor’s mother heard the name, she was out shopping for baby supplies. To her mother’s surprise, it was the name of a business owner’s dog. Kristin was so taken with the name that she decided to give her baby the same name.

Kristin Cavallari gave an interesting interview

She took part in a game called “If You Only Knew” during an appearance with Larry King, in which she answered numerous questions. The oddest job she’s ever had, she claims, was at a yoga studio, where she had to put sweat towels in the washing machine despite their massive weight.

It didn’t help that it was her first job. She claimed she would bring music, a notebook, and a camera to a desert island if she had to carry only three things.

What is the daughter of Laguna Beach’s net worth?

Despite the fact that she has no personal wealth, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle because of her parents’ immense wealth. Kristin has appeared in several movies and television shows.

Her television credits include Veronica Mars, Cane, and Adventures in Hollywood. She also launched Uncommon James, a jewelry line, and Little James, a children’s clothing company. As of July 2019, the jewelry brand had generated $20 million in sales. Jay earned more than $120 million as an NFL player. He earned $54 million with the Bears during his time there.


  • Saylor was born on November 23rd, 2015, according to Wikipedia.
  • She is the eldest child in the family.

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