The Marriage and Affairs of Corey Harrison

Corey Harrison

In terms of his marriage, Corey Harrison has a less than stellar track record, much like his father. Corey has been married twice, divorced once, and lived a confused married life. Corey Harrison first gained notoriety for being the son of Rick Harrison, but he has since established a name for himself.

Corey is an American entrepreneur and reality television star best known as a cast member of the History TV show Pawn Stars. The series chronicles Corey and Rick’s employment at the renowned gold and silver pawn shop in Las Vegas.

Love in High School

Corey Harrison originally met his wife while both of them were still in high school. Early in their relationship, they decided to get married in 2009. However, after six years, the relationship began to deteriorate. Corey Harrison and Charlene Harrison split shortly after filing for divorce in 2015. Although the cause for the divorce was not made public, it was rumored that Corey’s hectic schedule and propensity for partying were to blame. The couple did not have any children. Thus, the divorce was completed in a short amount of time.

Second Wedding

Corey dated Roxy Gonzalez for a while after his divorce from Charlene, but they broke up soon after. Then, in 2017, Corey wed Korina “Kiki” Harrison, his second wife. However, the couple only remained together for one year before calling it to quit in 2018. When speaking with Blast, Corey Harrison disclosed:

“Karina and I adore one another dearly. We simply were unable to make the marriage work due to our conflicting work schedules, but we are still close friends and genuinely care about each other.

They each submitted a joint petition, which was quickly sealed. The child was due on October 23rd, and Kiki was pregnant at the time. In honor of Richard “Old Man” Harrison, they intended to give the newborn the name Richard Benjamin Harrison. Corey swiftly removed the post after the first announcement of the news on Instagram by the couple. Kiki and their child have not been mentioned after that time.

Then Again

Despite the fact that Kiki and Corey sought a divorce in 2018, things appear to be going well for the couple. Following Kiki’s posting of a photo of her brand-new “Harrison” tattoo with the caption,

“I love you @kikinejo #harrison, sometimes you need that girl who will ride for you and a year and a half after you left to make you understand it’s time to come home.”

Kiki and Corey Harrison appear to be back together, though the couple has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors. Corey shared a picture of himself kissing a mystery woman who resembled his ex-wife Kiki. With reports that the couple was getting back together, the image drove fans into a frenzy. The fact that Korina had kept her last name of Harrison and hadn’t changed it added fuel to the rumors.

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