Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Break Up and Possible Reunion of 4freakshow?

Twitch’s 4freakshow is a popular show. It’s about a bunch of four TikTok stars who are just having a good time over Zoom. On Twitch, the group had (and still has) a large following of 416,000 people. However, the gang appears to be having trouble sticking together.

What is ‘4freakshow’ and Who is composed of it?

The four members of 4freakshow are Chase Rutherford, HamzahTheFantastic, Haley Sharpe, and Claire Drake. The four became acquainted through mutual friends, group chats, Snapchat, and TikTok following.

They began with a variety of activities, such as mukbang, pillow battles at sleepovers, truth or dare, and talent displays. The group mostly grew their following on Twitch, and they appeared to be on their way to larger and greater things. However, in early 2021, the freaks’ fortunes began to deteriorate.

The Disintegration of ‘4freakshow’ and the reasons

Chase Rutherford was the catalyst for 4freakshow’s demise. Rutherford released a video in January 2021 in which he declared some huge changes for himself and the organization.

On the Chase Host segment, he began by claiming that the news he was about to impart would cause people to have conflicting emotions, using nearly every adjective in the dictionary to describe the spectrum of human emotions the news could elicit.

Then, just before the blow was delivered, he softened the effect by explaining that his choice was made in the best interests of the group and potentially the viewers, though he wasn’t sure on that.

Chase Rutherford
Source: In The Know

Finally, he broke the news that he would be leaving 4freakshow and starting over. Following Rutherford’s declaration, Haley Sharpe released a video on February 24, 2021, describing how they tried but failed to make the group work. As she spoke about the breakup, she was continually fighting the urge to cry.

They even planned to go on without Rutherford three times and set up a stream, but nothing worked out. After a few days, everyone began to have misgivings about the show’s ability to continue. Hamzah had also revealed the group’s dissolution during a stream the day before, although he didn’t go into much detail.

Is the reunion really on the cards?

Things began to look brighter unexpectedly soon after the 4freakshow drama. They began making subtle references to reuniting, although in a vague manner.

Source: TwitchTracker

On August 10, all four members shared photos of themselves as children, with red spots covering their right eyes. After some deliberation, fans came to the conclusion that the group might be revealing season three of the 4freakshow. They then updated their website with new merchandise. And now it appears that they’re back on Twitch with their performances. They’re live broadcasting on a regular basis and appear to be getting along again.

Nobody knows if they’ll keep doing the program, but it’s great to see that they’re trying to resurrect it.

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