The 25 Best Emil Zatopek Quotes

Emil Zatopek was a Czechoslovak long-distance runner who rose to prominence after winning three gold medals in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. When he won the gold medal, he ran 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters.

Emil Zatopek was regarded as one of the greatest runners of the twentieth century and was known for his brutally harsh training methods. The editors of Runner’s World Magazine named him the Greatest Runner of All Time in 2013.

“Run a mile if you want to run.”
Run a marathon if you wish to live a different life.”

“We are fundamentally different from other males.
Run 100 meters if you want to win something.
Run a marathon if you want to have an adventure.”

“Without a ladder, you can’t get to the second floor.”
When you set your sights too high and fail to meet them, your enthusiasm turns to bitterness.
Set a fair objective and gradually raise it.”

“I’m not concerned with how long I can last, but with how quickly I can cross the finish line.”

“Will power is no longer a concern if one can stick to the training for many long years.”
Is it raining?
It makes no difference.
I’m exhausted?
That isn’t the point.
“It’s just that I have to.”

“The victory is tremendous, but the camaraderie of all is greater.”

8th of 25 Emil Zatopek quotes

“What has already happened is over.
What’s more intriguing to me is what’s still to come.”

“An athlete cannot run while carrying money in his pockets.”
He must run with dreams in his thoughts and optimism in his heart.”

“To boast about a feat that I cannot match is dumb conceit.”
And if I can overcome it, it indicates it’s nothing remarkable.
What has happened is already over.
What’s more intriguing to me is what’s still to come.”

“I began as an average athlete – a normal boy.”
It took three years for me to win a race.
I’m glad I stuck it out for three years and didn’t give up.”

“Today, men, we die a little.”

“The men are divided from the boys at the frontiers of anguish and suffering.”

“A runner must run with dreams in his heart rather than money in his pocket.”

“Why should I train to run slowly?”
I’m already used to running slowly.
“I want to learn how to run quickly.”

“I still have that old urge.
Then my body informs me that I am 50 years old.
Instead, I choose the easy route.”

“In my country, I am nothing more than a regular man… a nobody.”

“My running was extremely basic; it came from nowhere.”

“Today’s athlete is more than just an athlete.
He is the focal point of a team that includes doctors, scientists, coaches, agents, and others.”

“There is a significant benefit to training in adverse conditions.”
It is preferable to train in adverse conditions because the difference in a race is enormous.”

“I was too slow when I was younger.”
I reasoned that I should learn to run fast by running fast, so I ran 100 meters fast 20 times.
Then I returned slowly, slowly, slowly.”

“My childhood games came to an end when I was 14 and graduated high school.”
I needed to locate work, which was not an easy task back then.”

“I didn’t know a lot.
I couldn’t find a book about Nurmi, but I did learn that in order to be faster over 10,000m, he ran 5,000m several times in training.
He also ran 1,500m numerous times to improve his 5,000m time.
In order to improve his 1,500m time, he ran 400m four times in training.”

“You must be swift enough and have endurance.”
So you run fast for speed and then repeat for endurance.”

“When they start judging races for their beauty, like figure skating, I will run with perfect style.”
For the time being, all I want to do is run as quickly as I can.”

“Runing 100 meters 30 times equals 3 kilometers and is no longer a sprint.”

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