Tevin Grant Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Nationality, Net Worth, Instagram, Weight

Tevin Grant rose to prominence after joining the cast of MTV’s Are You the One? in season 7. In addition, he is a skilled party host and organizer.

He is constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies who want his attention due to his height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) and proper body physics.Tevin spread his magic on the MTV show, gaining not only the attention of insiders but also global recognition.

People became curious about his life and love life as a result of his popularity.

Bio of Tevin Grant Family

Tevin, who was born in 1995, celebrates his birthday every year on August 20th. Eric Jackie Grant and Jackie Grant raised him in Minnesota with his sister, Whitney Grant.

Tevin is a big family guy with a tattoo that says “family first” on his chest. He always prioritizes his family over all other considerations.

He also attended Grand Canyon University for his educational requirements.

Relationship Status: Single?

Tevin, who has spread his magic to the ladies, is frequently accused of being a player, but Tevin is an open-hearted guy who falls hard and fast in love.

When he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, he is completely loyal and faithful, but his love life remains a mystery to the media.

Tevin, being Tevin, made an appearance on MTV’s “Are You the One?” Kenya Scott was the perfect match for him. They became one of the most popular couples on the show, and the show helped people witness their difficult times.

Despite their hate-filled relationship, Tevin and Kenya left Hawaii as a perfect match ready to test things out in the real world.

However, when show host Terrence J. asked if they were together or not, both of their responses were somewhat similar. Tevin revealed that they were a perfect match, but that their time together was not ideal because they were not in the same location.

Kenya, on the other hand, claimed that despite being a perfect match, they were not together because Tevin cheated on her.

She also stated that while they were together, Tevin paid a visit to the girl with whom he cheated and left a large amount of his belongings at her house. Kenya also stated that she saw a video of Tevin in a hot tub eating whipped cream from the mouth of a girl named Diandro Delgdo.

Kenya threw Tevin’s belongings out of her house after he cheated on her. Tevin demonstrated his disloyalty on the show, but he has returned for season 3 of Ex on the Beach. Tevin will hopefully prove his loyalty in the show and once again charm the ladies with his true self.

Furthermore, only Tevin’s dating life on the show is known, but his life off the show is unknown.

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