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Tedric Thompson chose sports, specifically college football, to pursue for the rest of his life for a variety of reasons. One of them was his father, Cedric Thompson, who had a tremendous passion for football. He grew up in Arizona playing football, so he naturally saw his sons based on their interests in the sport.

But then the father-Thompson not just wanted to see them play football but also ace it, eventually building a career out of it.

And, so it happened, all that Tedric Thompson’s father dreamt of came true eventually. Tedric Thompson is the star American football safety for the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks (NFL).

Tedric, who stands 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall and weighs 204 lb or 93 kg, signed a four-year contract with the Seattle Seahawks in May 2017. The contract had promised him a total of $3.07 million, including a signing bonus of around $672K.

In terms of September 2019, there is some speculation that Seattle may be without Tedric, its star player, in the upcoming game against the Steelers. Tedric’s injury in the Cincinnati game may cost him his favorite match in the coming days. Only time will tell.

Tedric Thompson’s Biography (Family Details)

Cedric Thompson (named after his father), Tedric’s older brother, is also a professional player. Meanwhile, Cedric is a former American football safety.

Tedric grew up playing soccer with his father and brother in Bombay Beach, California. Football was the only thing that brought the Thompson boys together. Before football was introduced into their lives on a regular basis, the boys had a bad reputation for not getting along, fighting all the time, and arguing about almost everything.

On one particular day, father Thompson took the boys to Jesse Owens Park in Los Angeles, which features a large indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a long practice field.

Tedric was seven years old at the time, and his brother was nine. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions.

‘Let’s go over here,’ said the father instead. “”‘ “””””””””‘ That altered everything. As soon as the kids started playing football, they became inseparable, leaving their father perplexed and frustrated.

More to Tedric’s sibling is his sister, Cedrinae Thompson, who, like many other aspects of Tedric’s life, is unknown.

Tedric is literally uptight when talking about his personal affairs. In this scenario, his dating life and marital status are completely implausible aspects of his life. However, he does not appear to be married to his wife, or else there would have been some indication of the matter.

Net Worth and Salary

Tefdric was guaranteed an average annual salary of around $7.68 million in his contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Meanwhile, Tedric was expected to earn a base salary of $6.45 million by the end of 2019, with a cap hit of $8.13 million and a dead cap value of $336K.

The various six-figure pay cheques only suggest that Sewhawks lucky charm, at the age of 24, has already amassed a net worth in the millions.

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