Tanya Brown Accuses O.J. Simpson of Believing His Own Lies

Nicole Brown Simpson‘s murder case has taken a new turn, with Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown insisting that O. J. Simpson was the real culprit. Tanya told TMZ on August 10, 2021 that if one looked back at the DNA evidence from the crime site, it would only show the blood of three people: Nicole, Ron Goldman, and O. J.

Tanya Brown, a motivational speaker and author, went on to say that she did not believe the murders were committed by anyone other than the former football running back. She also claimed in the interview that O. J. had been feeding himself his own lies for so long that he thought them to be true.

Tanya stated she had forgiven O. J. for what he did because it had been over 27 years since that horrible tragedy. But, if it were essential, she would be willing to speak about it while respecting her and Ron’s families. Her comments follow the former athlete’s recent interview with The Athletic, in which he stated that he would never return to Los Angeles.

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He defended himself by stating that he was terrified of running into the true perpetrator of his ex-and wife’s her friend Ron’s murders. Despite the fact that O.J. was accused with the deaths of Nicole and Ron, he stated that he was a fine guy who refused to be swayed by hearsay. Rather, he treated everyone the same way he wanted to be treated.

The Murder Case

Nicole and her companion Ron were stabbed to death outside Nicole’s Brentwood, California house on June 12, 1994. Nicole and O. J. had divorced a year before the murder. As a result, the former football star was quickly identified as the main suspect.

He was captured five days after the murder while riding in the passenger seat of his old friend Al Cowlings’ white 1993 Ford Bronco SUV. Despite his detention, he has refused to admit to the murders.

Nicole Brown and Goldman
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On October 3, 1995, a jury acquitted O.J. of all counts. While the majority of African-Americans in Los Angeles believed the “not guilty” judgment satisfied justice, most whites and Latinos argued that it did not.

On February 5, 1997, a civil jury in Santa Monica, California unanimously found OJ Simpson guilty for the wrongful death of and battery against Ron, as well as battery against Nicole. He was then sentenced to pay damages of $33,500,000.

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