Takahiro Bio, Voice Actor, Girlfriend

Takahiro is a supporter and Sakura Yamauchi’s former friend in the I Want to Eat your pancreas.

Japanese Voice Actor of Takahiro

Japanese voice actor Yuma Uchida provided his voice to Takahiro in I Want to Eat your pancreas series.


He is a handsome young man with uniformly structured muscles and dark brown eyes. He wears square-framed glasses in the manga too. Usually, he appears in his school uniform.

He usually wears on his face a calm, pleasant look, while he usually wears a grave expression in the manga.

Takahiro ( Source: Pinterest)


He has a good reputation as the class representative. He may appear lovely, caring and respectful, but the exact opposite is demonstrated. Being jealous of the good relationship with Haruki Shiga with his former girlfriend, Sakura Yamauchi, he beats him physically when he leaves outside the house of Sakura thinking he would help her.


He was shown first to give a “super rare CD” to Sakura. Haruki Shiga watches him as friends of Sakura chat about his girl friendliness.

Then, as he leaves Sakura’s house, he will approach Haruki. He asks him why he fell to Sakura. Haruki says his relationship is not what he thought it was. His answer was incapable of. He struck Haruki unhesitatingly, thinking it was helping Sakura. Sakura. But suddenly Sakura comes in.

When Haruki notices spread across the floor, Takahiro asks who hurt him. He admits pridefully to the act, and Sakura gets angered and tells him she hates him. Takahiro turns to leave, Dumbfounded.

Takahiro ( Source: Pinterest)


What happens to Takahiro at the end of the story is not known, but Sakura doesn’t end up as he hopes because of his own death and relations.


Yamauchi Sakura

The two were friendly even after they were broken up, and Sakura was Takahiro’s ex-boyfriend. But this ends when Takahiro has finally become jealous of the good relationship of Haruki with Sakura and has found the reasons for harming him physically.

Shiga Haruki

The relations of Haruki and Takahiro are terrible because have been with Sakura. He has also been jealously beating Haruki.

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