The Exotic Location of ‘Resort to Love’ And The Cast’s Views Regarding Shirtless Scenes and Geckos!

Resort to Love

The lead character, Erica Wilson, is played by American actress Christina Milian in Netflix’s latest romantic drama, Resort to Love. After her fiancé dumped her, the aspiring pop star’s music career is in shambles. She accepts a singing job at a luxury resort to get her life back on track. Wilson, however, is disappointed to … Read more

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi Found Love On The Sets Of ‘Sex/Life’! Learn About The Hot Couple Here!

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi

Adam Demos‘ character Brad Simon and Sarah Shahi‘s Billie Connelly had an illicit romance in Netflix’s Sex/Life. They maintained their on-screen chemistry in real life. When Billie encounters her ex-boyfriend, Simon, she alternates between being a respectable wife and a free-spirited woman. She can’t help but reminisce, miss her old self, and fantasize about having … Read more