SZA Claims the New Surprise Songs Are Not from her New Album but from ‘Ctrl’!

What happens when an up-and-coming musician releases songs on SoundCloud and everyone is surprised by them? Apparently, a lot of people are perplexed. However, not necessarily in a negative way.

Since her debut solo album Ctlr, SZA has been a hitmaker. She’s been on tracks and tours with Kendrick Lamar and Doja Cat in the last four years.

She’s also been known to drop unreleased tracks from time to time. However, on August 22, 2021, she stunned her fans by releasing three previously unreleased tracks, sparking a lot of debate. Let’s talk about them now.

SZA’s Astrology And The Unreleased Trio released three songs on SoundCloud this week: “Nightbird,” “I Hate You,” and “Joni.” The username “.” from “nowhere, United States” was credited with these.

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This was, of course, a fictitious name she used. The tracks were then self-promoted on her Twitter account. The songs seemed quite fleshed out, despite the fact that she tweeted that they were just random thoughts and a dump.

The heartfelt vocals of ‘Joni’ are set against a beloved acoustic pluck, while ‘I Hate You’ is an electro-bop. With guitar-emulated sitars and a Motown-style muted bass, ‘Nightbird’ is arguably the most intriguing. The songs were temporarily removed from SoundCloud. Many suspected that this was due to the songs’ sampling infringing on copyright regulations. She clarified, however, that she was the sole writer of the songs and that all of the melodies were unique.

It’s also possible that the pseudo-account sounded suspiciously similar to SZA, and the algorithm mistook her for SZA! The singer also stated on Twitter that her astrological reader encouraged her to release the tracks. The screenshot she uploaded shows that the full moon in August is lucky for her.

SZA Fans Were Perplexed

When the three previously unreleased tracks were revealed, people assumed that a new album was on the way. They’d be right to speculate, given how long it’s been in the works.

“Perhaps if u dropped this record faster,” one of the fans suggested. SZA, on the other hand, clarified the matter by stating that these songs were from her previous album.

The New Album Release Has Issues

There appears to be a problem with the new album’s release from the back end. Last year, the singer intimated in a tweet that her record label, Top Dawg Entertainment, was delaying the release of her new album. Her relationship with the label, however, was caustic and aggressive, she claimed.

sza new album
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The label’s president, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, however, refuted the accusations of having the CD. He also didn’t agree with the way they worked together. Since then, the tweet has been removed. At this time, there is no word on the new album. In other positive news, SZA has stated that the long-awaited song ‘Shirt’ will be released soon.

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