Symfuhny & BrookeAB’s Twitch Relationship Has Got Everyone Excited!

It is said that opposites attract. However, gamers Symfuhny and BrookeAB appear to have met because of their similar passion of streaming.

Mason Lanier, a 21-year-old Fortnite streamer who goes by the alias Symfuhny, has carved out a reputation for himself in the gaming and streaming worlds.

Ashley Bond, often known as BrookeAB on Twitch, is the gamer’s fiancée and shares his passion for gaming.

Twitch Love

In 2018, the duo began their Twitch journey around the same time. It’s unclear whether they met through the platform for the first time. Both of their social media pages have a sizable amount of followers. Symfuhny’s Twitch account alone has 2.8 million followers as of this writing. Bond, his girlfriend, has over a million followers on Instagram.

Since July 26th, 2019, the streaming couple has been dating. This is supported by Bond’s Instagram post commemorating his 50th anniversary in 2020. On their anniversary, Symfuhny’s lady love uploaded a photo of the two of them with a nice and loving remark. Bond expressed gratitude to the streamer for being a part of her life and wished him a happy anniversary, wishing him many more to come.


Symfuhny & BrookeAB
Source: World Wire

It appears that Symfuhny and Friendship have a solid bond based on their regular collaboration on each other’s streams. One of the streamer’s Instagram videos showed them having a lot of fun with one other. When his lover comes to bother him during one of his sessions, he carries her and moves her to another room for her nap time. The gamer’s Instagram and Twitch accounts have more videos of the couple.

Symfuhny’s Twitch Streaming Career

Despite his popularity as a result of his Fortnite streams, the streamer revealed in an interview that his decision to move to Call Of Duty was a role in his reaching the 2 million follower threshold. However, his switch to COD in 2020 was the move that nearly cost him his job.

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The streamer was accused of utilizing aimbot and wallhacks in his Call Of Duty: Warzone streams about seven months ago. Unlike in the past, when the gamer hasn’t let the indirect hatred impact him, this time he responded to the accusations with an official reaction in the form of a YouTube video on his channel. The gamer demonstrated his own game replays and said that the accusations of cheating against him were unfounded.

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