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Sydnee Goodman– Biography, Facts & Life Story

Sydnee Goodman, a female gamer from California, has swept the male-dominated industry off her feet. She is currently the host of a regular news show about games, technology, and entertainment for the video game and entertainment media website IGN.

Sydnee Goodman- Early Life

Sydnee Goodman was born on March 7, 1994, in Yorba Linda, California, in the United States. Randy Goodman is her father’s name, and Deena Goodman is her mother’s name. She had only one sibling, a brother when she was growing up.

Sydnee Goodman
Sydnee Goodman ( Source: Pinterest)

Sydnee is of mixed race, with a Caucasian father and an Asian mother (Filipino). Her mother moved to the United States, where she met and married Randy. Sydnee is an American citizen because she was born in the country.

After graduating from high school, Sydnee went to Chapman University to further her education. She went on to the University of Southern California (UCL) to get her Bachelor of Science (BS) in Human Biology.

Sydnee Goodman: Net Worth and Career

Sydnee Goodman’s net worth is expected to be $350K. Her annual salary is estimated to be in the range of $140,000,000. She has had a lot of success in her field, and she is an inspiration to all female gamers. Goodman will undoubtedly rise in the gaming industry and inspire a new generation of female gamers.

Her father, who enjoys playing video games, introduced the young YouTuber to gaming at a young age. Goodman worked as a Host & Runner at Ruby’s Diner Restaurant Business from July to October 2012.

Sydnee became a Twitch host, gamer, and content producer in 2014. On the website, she amassed a sizable fan base. Sydnee later developed social media sites to attract more fans. She quickly became well-known in the United States.

Sydnee got a job at Red Bull Media House in 2016. She worked as a programming planner and Esports YouTube Strategic Lead for the media company for a year. Goodman was in charge of critical operations on the company’s streaming video channels in general.

In June 2017, Sydnee accepted a new position at BuzzFeed as a social media strategist lead. In the media industry, she was a valuable asset. When she worked for BuzzFeed, her desire to be in front of the camera grew even stronger. After being approached by Geoff Keighley’s team about becoming a backstage host for The Game Awards 2017, she agreed.

Audrey, a close friend, informed Goodman of the job posting on IGN. She sent her a link to apply for the job, but Sydnee turned it down. Because Ziff Davis had shared it, and she didn’t know him at the time, Goodman suspected it was a hoax.

Goodman eventually submitted an application. She was approached by IGN’s Vice President of Branding (Blair Herter) for a Tomb Raider shoot, in which she played Lara Croft, a few weeks later. They took their time again before providing her with feedback.

Sydnee kept in touch with some company officials, who invited her to perform on occasion. She was on the verge of giving up because it was taking longer than she had anticipated. Herter contacted her about The Daily Fix auditions. She was hired as the show’s host/producer by the organization a few months later.

Relationship Status

Sydnee Goodman’s Instagram followers are well aware of the fact that she is married. She married her husband, Alex Rubens, the new Senior Vice President of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. He was previously employed by IGN Entertainment.

Sydnee Goodman
Sydnee Goodman ( Source: Pinterest)

The two met at a Call of Duty tournament, according to to Earn The Necklace, which led to an interesting first date of “ping pong, arcade games, and savory bites.” Yes, Sydnee and her beau met because of their shared passion for video games.

They married on June 2, 2018 at The Ranch at Laguna Beach. However, until Alex moved to Los Angeles with Sydnee, they maintained a long-distance relationship before taking things seriously. The couple has yet to have a child together.

Mental Health Issues of Sydnee Goodman

Sydnee Goodman’s illness began when she was unable to find a suitable occupation. Her parents wanted her to go into medicine, but she had other ambitions.

She struggled with depression for a while before her husband, Alex Rubens, suggested she see a therapist. Her condition began to deteriorate, and she became aware of it. She agreed to seek the help of a psychiatrist as a result.

The 29-year-old has been open about her mental health struggles on YouTube. She usually tells her fans about how Yoga and working out have helped her recover. The majority of her fans are relieved that the problem has been resolved.

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