Susamaru Bio, Voice Actor, Quotes, Power and Abilities

Who is Susamaru?

Susamaru, also known as the Temari Demon, aspired to be one of Muzan Kibutsuji’s Twelve Kizuki.

Susamaru’s Voice Actor

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sarah Williams provides the English dub voice for Susamaru, while Mikako Komatsu provides the Japanese voice.

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She is a pale-skinned woman with orange-colored ends to her black hair and bright hazel eyes with cat-like slits and white horizontal slats. Her hair is styled with bangs across her forehead and ends that resemble paintbrushes.

Susamaru is dressed in an orange kimono that matches her hair and a pair of long silver earrings. She wears a black kimono on top, but when she enters battle, she removes both of her garments, revealing a small sash that covers her chest and upper abdomen.

Her arms become noticeably more muscular when she fights seriously, despite her average build. She can also add two new arms to her body.


Susamaru is a happy person who enjoys a challenge. Her catchphrase is “what fun this is,” which she will repeat over and over if she is involved in something she finds amusing. Yahaba’s seriousness contrasts sharply with her immaturity.


Susamaru was a young girl who liked to play handball before Muzan kidnapped her. He instilled in her the desire to become one of the Twelve Kizuki while using her handballs to dispatch his foes.

Susamaru is a carefree Demon who wishes to please her master while having fun, thanks to Muzan’s guidance down this dark path.

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Abilities and Powers

Susamaru is a physical force to be reckoned with, and her fighting style revolves around her signature Temari. Her Blood Demon Art allows her to summon extremely dense Temari balls whenever she wants. When combined with Yahaba’s arrows, it’s particularly effective. They were able to bring Tamayo the Fugitive out of hiding and destroy their hideout by working together.

Handball Proficiency: Susamaru has demonstrated the ability to be extremely skilled in the use of Temari handballs, able to fight on par with Nezuko and Tanjiro.
Flesh Manipulation: Susamaru has the ability to manipulate her flesh in the same way that demons do. Susamaru uses this ability to grow four more arms, increasing her offensive output by allowing her to conjure more handballs.

Susamaru ( Source: Pinterest)

Hiasobi Temari: Susamaru’s Blood Demon Art allows her to summon Temari handballs whenever she wants. She can throw or kick them at such high speeds and with such force that she can obliterate any limbs with a single touch.


  • (To¬†Tanjiro Kamado) “You should be honored to be killed by me, one of the¬†Twelve Kizuki!”

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