Sonya Curry Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Dating

Few people in the world are recognized for all of their accomplishments. Sonya Curry is one of those few talented individuals. The numbers are limited to the tips of her fingers, but the amount of work she has done is incredible. While some remember her as the mother of the Golden State Warriors’ two-time MVP, others remember her as a social worker.

But it is her work as a prolific volleyball player for the Virginia Tech Hokies that has earned her a lot of attention.

Biography and Wiki

Sonya Curry’s Age and Job Sonya, 53, was born in Radford, Virginia on May 30, 1966, to an African father, Cleive Ester Adams, and a Haitian mother, Candy Adams.

Sonya is of mixed ethnicity, according to her bio. She spent the majority of her pre-marital life in Radford, true to her roots. Sonya was bullied as a child because she was African-American, which saddened her and made her more aware of how deeply racism exists.

Sonya became interested in sports, particularly basketball and volleyball, while attending Radford High School. Later in her bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech, she lost interest in basketball and tried to focus her attention on volleyball.

She not only graduated with a degree in elementary education, but she also helped Virginia Tech’s name and fame through sports.

The sportswoman, who stands 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters) tall, led the Hokies to a 23-14 victory while racking up 57 aces, making her the sixth most aces recorded in a single season in the university’s history. Sonya’s exceptional athletic abilities can still be seen in the games she plays today.

Sonya and the entire Curry family recently participated in a basketball game for the Curry Foundation in February 2019. In the game, all of the Curry couples formed a team with one another.

Sonya was obviously on the team with her husband. Sonya stunned the entire stadium with a breathing underhand half-court layup shot near the end of the game. The shot ensured victory for Sonya’s team and a huge celebration for the Curry family.

Sonya is not only interested in sports, but she is also involved in campaigns and charitable work. Sonya established Charlotte Montessori School of Lake Norman as a school founder.

Her faith in Christianity and social work was strengthened when the school’s name was changed to Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman. Sonya has also participated in a number of charitable endeavors. Sonya has a net worth of $1 million as a result of her extensive career.

Relationship Status: Single?

Sonya had no idea that after finishing her education, she would meet the man of her dreams, just like in movies!

She was accepted into the All-Metro Team after finishing high school. According to the story, during one of the team’s games, the manager invited Dell Curry—later Sonya’s husband—to watch the game, after which he asked her out.

Whatever their love for the game or their interests were, the pair clicked and their romance grew. They began dating and getting to know each other better.

After some time, Dell proposed to Sonya, and the couple married in 1988. Only then did she relocate from her hometown to Charlotte to settle with her husband, as the Charlotte Hornets drafted Dell Curry. As time passed, she became the mother of not one, not two, but three children.

Stephen Curry, their oldest son, was born in 1988 and went on to become the Golden State Warriors’ two-time MVP.

Their second son, born in 1990, plays for the Sacramento Kings, while their youngest sibling, Sydel, born in 1994, is a setter for the Elon University women’s volleyball team. Sydel is now engaged and appeared with her mother Sonya on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

Sonya raised her children with all goodness instilled in them. Her children were clearly provided with everything they required.

Sonya, on the other hand, made certain that they knew how she grew up in order for them to understand the discriminatory society.

She also wanted her children to appreciate what they had and respect all beings for who they are. Without a doubt, Sonya was successful in bringing out the best in her children.

The family is currently residing in Charlotte. Sonya’s and her husband’s bosoms are undoubtedly swelling as a result of the pride they feel as parents for their children’s success. The athletic gene is still present in the family.

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