Sofie Dossi Sets a New Record! The Girl Who Won the Golden Buzzer on the Famous Show ‘America’s Got Talent’

Making one’s own identity in the midst of a sea of zillions has always been difficult. However, being able to exceed others is not for everyone.

Those who do make a difference, however, are inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Sofie Dossi, a 16-year-old self-taught contortionist, is one such person who has done something amazing to show herself to the world.

Sofie, the young lady, has already appeared in a number of reality shows, so her name is rather well-known. She rose to prominence after landing a coveted slot as a top ten finalist on America’s Got Talent in the summer of 2016.

Sofie was definitely one of the main competitors on the eleventh season of AGT, not only because she won the Golden Buzzer, but also because her pliant body structure captivated the hearts of the audience.

Furthermore, Missy has recently enthralled the masses by breaking the world record and having her name listed in GWR. Let’s go over the specifics of this situation!

The Magnificent Sofie’s Facts From America’s Got Talent:

Sofia was first seen by the public at her audition in episode 1105 of AGT, in which she triumphed with flying colors. Sofie shot a bow with her feet, nailing a target positioned feet away, leaving the judges and audience speechless. She made no mistake in impressing the panel of judges the second time around, receiving standing ovations and the Golden Buzzer from guest judge Reba McEntire.

Sofie was one of the quarter-finalists after the Golden Buzzer, and she easily advanced to the semifinals with enough public votes. The viewers’ similar support propelled her to the conclusion, that she was one of the Top 10 finalists.

]Sofie’s supporters’ votes were subsequently insufficient in episode 1122, and as a result, the talented young lady was fired from the show. She competed against Grace VanderWaal for a spot in the Top 5 but ended up as a Top Ten finalist.

Got Talent Global, a YouTube channel, has created a stunning film by combining Sofia’s performances from her incredible audition and other rounds.

Sofia, a Golden Buzzer Act performer, just broke a new global record, shattering the previous world record of ‘Farthest Arrow Shot Using Feet’ earlier this year. Nancy Siefker set the previous mark by hitting the target from 20 feet away.

Sofie Dossi- Early Life

Sofie Dossi, a notable gymnast, was born on June 21, 2001, in Cypress, California. In her family, she has a brother named Zak Dossi, whom she adores and considers to be her best friend. She is also close to her parents and enjoys spending time with them.

Sofie’s passion for being a contortionist began when she was 12 years old and she was watching contortion videos on YouTube. She eventually honed her skills as a hand balancer and aerialist. Sofie has over 550,000 Instagram followers and has appeared on series such as The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney’s Bizaardvark, KC Undercover, and Nickelodeon’s All In with Cam Newton.

There are many talented people in the world who can catch you off guard!

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