Singer Hayley Kiyoko Packed On Weight While Touring

After gaining a few pounds, Hayley Kiyoko was body shamed. This is what transpired. Kiyoko had an incredible year in 2018, winning Push Artist of the Year at the MTV Video Song Awards, appearing in Taylor Swift’s LGBTQ-positive music video, and touring arenas with Panic! at the Disco. It’s a Disco.

After that, the singer embarked on a year-long world tour. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the singer stated that her constant touring had a bad impact on her mental health. Further, the singer stated that spending a lot of time on the road might be lonely. Hayley Kiyoko claims it is not as simple as it appears, and she sympathizes with touring musicians.

The singer’s health was deteriorating, and the tour life was not kind to him. She was also suffering from sleeplessness. Kiyoko admitted that the tours made her depressed and that she was taking antidepressants as a result. Despite the fact that the medications improved her function, they also caused her to gain 30 pounds in six months.

The What I Need singer took to Instagram on January 18, 2021, to admit that she had been a victim of body shaming as a result of her weight increase.

Kiyoko, who couldn’t face looking in the mirror because of the hostility, was so scarred by the experience that the prospect of being on camera terrified her. She was excessively hard on herself, despite the fact that she understood she had no control over the situation.

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Kiyoko ended on a good note, telling her admirers that she was finally getting her body to work for her and that she was working on regaining her confidence.

The singer also admitted that she will concentrate on being more compassionate to herself. She ultimately recognized that body shaming was wrong, and she apologized to her admirers for not being brave enough to be vulnerable.

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