Simu Liu From ‘Shang-Chi’ Wanted His Character To Avoid Stereotypes Like In The Comics!

What could be a better present for Simu Liu, the star of Kim’s Convenience, on his 32nd birthday than the first teaser for his latest film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings? The highly awaited teaser for Liu’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut has finally been released by Marvel Studios.

On Twitter, Simu Liu started his celebrations by sharing the movie’s poster, which features Shang-Chi dressed as a superhero. He also reminded fans that the first official trailer for the film would be released in a few weeks.

But Liu wasn’t the only one who was ecstatic; the upcoming film was praised and praised again for its Asian representation, which has been requested for years.

This Marvel film is unlike any other since it includes gravity-defying martial arts action. To build the film’s martial arts techniques, director Destin Daniel Cretton and stunt coordinator Brad Allan were influenced by Jackie Chan’s complex, fast-paced moves as well as eclectic styles from films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Shang Chi Actor
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Simu Liu Did Not Want Shang-Chi’s Character to Be Stereotypical Like In The Comics And Changed It

The actor told Entertainment Weekly that the role of Shang-Chi piqued his interest because, despite the fact that the Asian superhero was first introduced in the 1970s, there were aspects of the character’s depiction that felt stereotypical.

Although the stories of characters like Iron Man and Superman have been thoroughly explored and are easily recognizable, many people are unfamiliar with Shang-Chi. They had a lot of leeway about how Shang-story Chi’s will be told, as well as the burden of not making it stereotypical since the character is relatively mysterious and his backstory has never been told before.

When asked how Shang-Chi differs from the other Marvel heroes, the actor says, “What you see is what you get.” The battle scenes were as realistic as possible in terms of physicality.

Shangi-Chi does not have a suit of armor he puts on, he does not have a mask that conveniently makes him faceless, and  replace him with CGI. 

Marvel Has Replaced Shang’s Father to Avoid Being Stereotypical

Shang Chi’s foe in the MCU is his own father, Fu-Manchu, but the Mandarin will rightly take his place (Tony Leung). Fu-Manchu is a brilliant supervillain who headed a deadly crime gang in the comics.

However, there were racial charges leveled against Marvel’s Fu Manchu, leading to the character’s removal from the new film.

Shang Chi Father
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The protagonist wore a yellow mask and represented the Yellow Peril, a racist symbol for Asian societies posing a threat to Western civilization. The character was created at a time when xenophobia was on the rise, and Asians were accused of culturally and physically invading the west. Many racial prejudices about Chinese people were perpetuated by Fu-Manchu.

The decision by Marvel to replace Fu-Manchu with Mandarin is wise and could prevent racial tensions from arising.

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