Simon Sinek Wishes to Have a Wife but is Willing to Sacrifice for His Work!

Simon Sinek sees himself as having a romantic relationship with his work! Sinek, a motivational speaker, has been candid about his personal relationships and marriages. For him, a relationship entails not only a romantic connection with a specific person but also a collaboration with his employer.

Simon Sinek acknowledges that he has had to compromise his personal life in order to pursue his career, but he believes the sacrifice was worthwhile.

Simon Sinek Is in a Relationship with His Work

The author, who is 47 years old, has neither a wife nor a girlfriend. His personal life depends upon his professional life.

Sinek considers himself to be in love with his work. On February 18, 2013, he shared on Instagram that his keyboard was his friend, girlfriend, child, food, and water and that it was all he cared about.

Simon Understands the Importance of Partnership in Life and Business

Sinek’s lack of marital status hasn’t stopped him from comparing his professional experiences to love, marriage, and dating.

He has previously advised Marketers on a connection between his marketing and relationship experience. In a tweet on July 9, 2012, he said that marketing is similar to dating in that it’s all about creating relationships, and that it takes time to be successful, just like any solid relationship.

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Similarly, in a June 2016 interview with Forbes, Sinek indicated that he was a student of leadership and compared it to parenting, noting that leadership entails numerous personal sacrifices.

It’s damn hard work! The risks are very real and when things go wrong, you have to take full responsibility. In both parenting and leadership, it’s difficult to measure the results on a day-to-day basis but if you stay the course, you’ll see the impact over time. 

Indeed, Sinek has made numerous personal sacrifices in order to become the world-renowned leader that he is today.

He also wrote on his blog, ‘Why You Need A Partner,’ that all human beings, whether in their personal lives or in their enterprises, require a partner. He believes that the finest marriages in life are like partnerships, and the finest partnerships in business are like marriages, highlighting the importance of connections in business.

In entrepreneurship, he feels that the company is similar to a family and that having two parents in the family is only fair and appropriate. He claims that those at the top require a partner with whom they can discuss their doubts, disclose their fragility, keep each other going, and if for no other reason, help them live longer.

Whether a formal equity partnership, a senior employee or a right-hand-man or woman, every entrepreneur needs a partner…a business husband or wife. 

Simon Sinek Sacrificed His Personal Life for His Work

Sinek said in one of his blog articles on the Start with Why website, ‘Sacrifice Should Be Worth the Sacrifice,’ that he sometimes wishes he could live the life of her sister, who gets to spend time with her husband and children. He also admits that he selected this career path, but that it came at a price: the cost of not being able to create a family or spend time with his friends.

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The motivational speaker, on the other hand, is constantly reminded of a life he has made for himself, in which he inspires others and, despite having to sacrifice his personal life, he is content with who he is and what he has. “Sacrifice is only crippling or life-sucking if there is no light at the end of the tunnel,” he argues.

Fortunately for Sinek, there is enough light and even more that he can give as encouragement to others.

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