Scott Hoying Is Supposedly Gay And Has A Boyfriend! His True Sexuality Surprising

Even though many celebrities have spoken openly about their sexuality, it is still tough to address some of the questions that society has for them. Despite this, many celebrities have come out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but what if someone says they don’t belong to any of these groups?

Recently, the singer and pianist Scott Hoying made a similar declaration, which raised a lot of eyebrows, and his true sexuality will undoubtedly surprise you.

Do you want to know what it is? If that’s the case, keep scrolling!

Scott’s true sexual orientation

Scott Hoying, the frontman of Pentatonix, astonished everyone when he recently opened up about his sexuality in a live stream concert with one of his band members, Mitch Grassi. When someone asked Mitch if he preferred to identify as gay or straight, Scott suggested another option: pansexual (One who experiences sexual attraction towards all genders including transgender, androgynous, and gender-fluid people).

According to Mitch,

 “I wonder if I am pansexual, sometimes I get an inkling,”

But things took a turn for the worst when Scott stated,

“I think I might be.”

It isn’t the first time the phrase ‘pansexual’ has grabbed the spotlight since it had already generated a great fuss when a famous singer, Miley Cyrus, announced herself as one back in 2015.

Though Scott Hoying hasn’t stated it explicitly, the chances are that this 26-year-old singer is a pansexual, which has caused many issues among admirers who aren’t sure if he’s homosexual, straight, or both.

After Scott and the members of Pentatonix won Season 3 of Sing-Off in 2011, accusations about him being gay began to circulate, and in his defense, he tweeted:

His best buddy, Mitch Grassi, also supported him with his reaction.

Hoying never revealed anything else about his partner, which raised worries among his fans, but the singer didn’t care to clarify his relationship status.

As the stories spread, Scott and Mitch’s friendship deepened; they even co-founded a YouTube channel called’sup3rfruit,’ which became tremendously famous in a short period of time.

The besties remained active on social media, but their friendship was called into doubt again after they posted a shirtless photo of themselves in May 2017.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as the response Scott received in his tweet about nice birthday wishes to Mitch the same year in July astonished everyone.

Although their love was obvious in their message when asked if they were dating each other, the response was:

“We have been mad touchy lately. Actually we have always been touchy and cuddly. I think its just been documented more. True! snapchats just exposing us too much”

The following year, Scott and Mitch were given the opportunity to work with ‘Out magazine,’ where they were portrayed as cute homosexual members.

However, Scott, whose net worth is reported to be $8 million, has never publicly admitted to dating Mitch.

His reticence on the subject of his lover or girlfriend has piqued the interest of followers and sparked numerous rumors. However, the singer chooses not to share much about himself in terms of his love affairs for the time being!

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