Scott Caan’s Is Enjoying His Family Life With His Girlfriend And Cute Daughter, And Soon To Get Married?

Scott Cann is best known for starring in the television series Hawaii Five-0 as Detective Danny Williams. Additionally, he is the son of the late actor James Cann. Cann, who is multi-talented, has also sought a career in photography.

More importantly, Scott is in a loving relationship with his long-term partner. However, how is Scott Cann faring with his family life?

Taking Advantage of Family Life!

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On September 7, 2015, Scott Cann, 39, was sighted out for a stroll in Soho with his long-time partner, Kacy Byxbee, and their newly born daughter, Josie James Caan.

Both parents were out on a casual day with their newly born daughter Josie, who appeared to be at ease in her stroller. Scott was dressed casually in a charcoal T-shirt, baggy jeans, gray trousers, and white sneakers. Model Kacy, on the other hand, donned an identical gray T-shirt to see her lover, though she chose navy blue shorts and white sandals. Their daughter Josie appeared to be at ease in a white gown. In general, the family appeared to be gearing up for their vacation.

Scott Cann, 39, met his model girlfriend Kacy Byxbee on the set of Hawaii Five-0 and the two have been together ever since. Although Scott has kept his private life private by not publicly announcing Kacy’s pregnancy. The actor did make a brief reference to Kacy during a January 2013 appearance on Chelsea Lately. Scott remarked:

‘She should get the purple heart because I’m a complete disaster,’

On July 9, 2015, their daughter Josie James was born.

Both couples are not married and have spoken about their marriage despite the fact that neither of them is legally married. In 2015, Scott told Hollywood Reporter:

“It’s one thing to have a girlfriend, it’s one thing to be married, it’s another thing to say ‘Let’s have this child together. It no longer is about your feelings. We’re going to commit to each other. I don’t even think I’ll ever be married. But having a kid with this woman I’m with is stronger than any piece of paper or ring I can get.”

Have fun with Godfather!

Despite several speculations about Scott being gay, there is no evidence that Scott has a homosexual preference. Scott is not gay, since he is in a wonderful relationship with Kacy and has a darling daughter, Josie.

Being a multi-talented individual, he has collaborated with The Whooliganz on a hip-hop record and is a skilled photographer. He is also an actor from the United States, with a net worth of $16 million.

While Scott Caan is a well-known and respected actor, he possesses a plethora of talents outside of acting. Not only is the Hawaii-Five-O actor a professional photographer who produced a book of his photographs titled “Scott Caan Photographs, Vol. 1” in 2009, but he is also a musician. He once started a Hip Hop group called ‘The Whooliganz’ with a friend named ‘The Alchemist’ and even signed a deal with Tommy Boy Records.

Scott has also studied and obtained a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while training with MMA champion Egan Inoue. Caan also enjoys surfing and has done so his entire life, having grown up in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, the actor teaches children to surf and even assists children with special disabilities in learning to swim through the organization’s Life Rolls On, Surfer’s Healing, and ThERAsurf programs.

In an interview, he discussed his experience beginning,

“We take people with spinal cord injuries in the water, and we take autistic kids in the water. And any kids with special needs we just take them out in the water and take them surfing.”

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