Sauce Walka’s Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, and Girlfriend

Going up against Drake is a recipe for disaster. Sauce Walka, a Houston rapper, was either unaware of the reality or didn’t care when he dropped a diss song directed at the “6 God.”

In his expansive 2015 diss single, he accused the Canadian rapper of profiting from Houston rap culture.

Sauce got into a social media feud with another mainstream rapper in 2019. After Young Thug threatened him physically, he went on an incredible homophobic diatribe.

Aside from the high-profile beef, Sauce can hold his own as a rapper and an entertainer. Explore his biography to learn more!

Net Worth, Albums, and Songs

sauce is half of the Hip-Hop duo Sauce Twinz, along with Sancho Saucy.

Sauce originally caught the attention of music fans when he began releasing mixtapes around 2014. He rose to prominence thanks to the Sorry 4 The Sauce series, as well as Drip God and In Sauce We Trust.

Sauce has two official albums out as of July 2019: Sauce Ghetto Gospel and Holy Sauce.

The Kid That Did, Ring Around the Rosies, and Sauce Overload are among his most popular tunes. In addition, he has worked with DJ Holiday and Slim Thug.

Sauce said on Instagram in February 2019 that he has signed a $4.5 million recording contract. Without a doubt, the arrangement contributed to his growing financial worth.

The Wack to Wack rapper, like his contemporaries, isn’t afraid to splash out on jewelry and real estate. Following the death of Nipsey Hussle in 2019, he purchased $1.5 thousand in products from the late rapper’s business.

Relationship Status

Sauce watches for his family while he is not paying for his rockstar lifestyle. He even gave his then-girlfriend a Ferrari in 2017. That same year, he sparked an internet outrage by forcing a lady to admit to cheating on her boyfriend with him on Instagram Live.

Surprisingly, the For Trappers Only hitmaker once attempted to hire a woman to “work for him.” According to the 2017 Baller Alert story, he may be interested in “pimping” women, particularly white ladies.

Sauce’s daughter is the primary girl in his life, whether he has a girlfriend or is alone. His infant mother’s identity is unknown.

Sauce Walka- Early Life

Sauce Walka was born in June 1990 as Albert Walker Mondane. He is a native of Houston, Texas, and comes from a family descended from Hondurans.

The Heart of a Champion rapper, 33, was raised by a drug addict mother with his brother Dillion Clemons. Al Rage Walker, his biological father, is a former professional wrestler.

Al, in addition to being Sauce’s father, is also the head of the rapper’s label, TSF (The Sauce Factory).

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