Ronald Dean Polkingharn Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

Who is Ronald Dean Polkingharn?

Ronald Dean Polkingharn (also known as Ronnie) is a name that is remembered after many years because he was a personal idol, mentor, and muse to Eminem, a world-famous artist.

Ronald Dean Polkingharn: Bio, Age, Nationality, Parents

Ronald Dewey Polkingharn and Betty Hixton have a son named Ronnie. They are from St. Joseph, Missouri, a small county in the United States.

Ronnie has four half-brothers and sisters. The media is only aware of two of them. Deborah Rae Mathers- Briggs (Nelson), also known as Debbie (age 65 and mother of Eminem), and Todd K Nelson are two of them.

Ronnie went to school and grew up in his hometown with four half-siblings and a caring nephew. Todd, his half-brother, died in 2004 when he was forty-two years old.

Ronnie is best known as the uncle of rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and actor Marshall Bruce Mathers, III (also known as EMINM and slim shady), but he is only a few months younger than him.


Cancer is a sign that denotes an intuitive, sensitive, and shy personality. Ronnie had to be a passionate lover who connects and commits to a relationship with his whole heart and soul.

As he listened to rock, pop, and hip hop music, he must have been interested in arts and fashion. Long hair in the back was very popular in Hollywood in the 1970s, as seen in photos from his youth.

In all of his photos, he flashes a shy smile while avoiding cameras or uncomfortably tilting their heads, indicating that he is an introvert.


Only one thing in this happy-go-lucky kid’s life could go wrong: his relationship. He died after being dumped by the love of his life, whose name has remained unknown to this day.

Eminem’s Uncle

His uncle became famous after Eminem was named artist of the month by a number of well-known magazines around the world. Eminem was introduced to hip hop and breakdance by his uncle Ronnie, who had heard his first rap song, Ice T’s “Reckless.”

Ronnie had also mentored Eminem in the music industry, and he had loved and supported him in his endeavors to become a musician. Others claim he raised Eminem and spent all of his spare time with him. In 1981, Eminem recalled his uncle Ronnie bringing him the “breakin” album.

In his sensitive days, Eminem was bullied at school, and Ronnie was practically the only friend he could trust.

Eminem and Ronnie were best friends, according to Ronnie’s mother. Eminem’s idol was Ronnie. Ronnie was the one who gave Eminem most of his possessions, including the infamous dog tag.

Eminem, according to Ronnie’s mother, was unable to visit Ronnie’s grave despite the fact that he had been dead for five years. He didn’t give him the first flower or say goodbye. Eminem is almost protesting his uncle by selling the duplicates of one of his favorite chains that Ronnie gave him.

Eminem’s way of missing– Tattoo of uncle Ronnie

Eminem’s feelings toward Ronnie aren’t always rage; they can also be a sense of loss and pain.

Eminem has a death tattoo on his upper left shoulder, beneath which he has carved the name of his beloved uncle Ronnie, and Bonny and Clyde are tattooed on the next arm.

Seeing how Eminem is not close with the rest of his family, Ronnie’s mom said, “If my son could speak to you today from the grave, he would say –” Marshall stop some of the garbage, makeup with your family, life’s too short.”

Cause of Polkingharn Death

Ronnie, a warm-hearted and handsome young boy, was killed by a bullet to the head, leaving his Nephew in a state of shock. Ronnie was “running afoul of the law over a dog,” according to his sister, and committed suicide at the age of 19.

Ronnie’s death enraged Eminem because he had lost more than a friend; he had lost his beloved uncle, his soulmate, the only relative he truly cherished, and a friend of highs and lows.

What was Eminem’s excuse for not attending Ronnie’s funeral?

Eminem was a close friend of Ronnie’s. Despite the fact that he was his uncle, the age difference between them was only two years. Ronnie and Eminem had a close friendship and were more like uncle and nephew than uncle and nephew.

His death came suddenly, and he was taken from this world at such a young age. It hit Eminem like a ton of bricks, just as it would any of us if we were in the same situation.

Malcolm Marshall, who was going through a difficult time in his personal life, was able to cope with Ronnie’s death. He did not, however, speak for several weeks. He took a long time to come to terms with his uncle’s death.

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