Ron White’s Marriages are a series of unfortunate events!

Ron White has had three marriages. Margo Rey, his ex-wife, was just divorced. During the divorce, Rey claimed that White abandoned her while she was in remission from cancer.

White has reaped the benefits of recognition and acclaim throughout his life. When the camera is turned off and Ron White returns to reality, though, his life isn’t as glittering as it appears. The whiskey connoisseur has been through three separate marriages, none of which can be described as “happily ever after.”

Ron White’s First Two Marriages

On August 1, 1981, in Caldwell County, Texas, the 63-year-old stand-up comedian first walked down the aisle with Lori A Brice. White was 24 years old at the time, and Brice was 19 years old. Before divorcing in 1993, the couple had a son named Marshal White.

Ron White Wife
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After nine years of dating, White married Barbara Dobbs, an interior designer by trade. In 2006, the comedian and his then-wife Dobbs purchased a single-level ocean-view house in Montecito for $3.75 million. However, fate had other plans for them, and they split up in 2008, just two years later.

Third Time Still Un-lucky

White married Margo Rey, a singer-songwriter, on October 13, 2013, after two failed marriages. However, only four years after they exchanged wedding vows, their marriage terminated in divorce.

The split became acrimonious after Rey claimed her husband abandoned her while she was in remission from cancer. During the divorce, the 53-year-old claimed White had abruptly cancelled her credit card. White allegedly changed the locks on their house, according to the popular artist.

The comedian, on the other side, claimed that he was not legally married to the singer since they never agreed on prenuptial terms. An LA judge, on the other hand, elected to agree with Rey, saying that her marriage to White was valid under Texas law and that they had lived together as husband and wife.

COVID-19 Impacted White’s Spousal Support Payments

Following the settlement, White agreed to begin paying his Mexican-born ex-wife $25,000 per month beginning in November 2019. However, the coronavirus pandemic limited his financial options. The global financial crisis had a negative impact on the comedian’s performances, prompting him to request that spousal assistance be terminated.

Ron White Margo Rey
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According to court documents, White claimed that he didn’t even have a monthly salary of $25,000, let alone send it to Rey. The Texan comedian also revealed his annual income and spending, which were little over $300,000 for the former and over $433,000 for the latter.

Now I cannot work. I have a tenth-grade education. I am 63. Margo still insists I pay her $25,000 per month. I have employees depending on me for wages and benefits. I do not even have $25,000 per month of income. 

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