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Roger the Dodger is the nickname of Roger Staubach, a former professional football player from the United States. He was a National Football League quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys (NFL). He once attended the United States Naval Academy, where he earned the 1963 Heisman Trophy and served in the United States Navy after graduation. He served in Vietnam with the United States Navy.

Furthermore, he spent the first 11 seasons of his career with the Dallas team, beginning in 1969. And he gets to take the team to the Super Bowl five times, including four as the starting quarterback. He was named the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl VI after leading the Cowboys to triumphs. In his 11-year NFL career, his hard effort earned him six Pro Bowl appearances.

He is currently the executive chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle. His works inspire and motivate his audience to achieve success. Here are some quotes by Roger Staubach.

“Confidence does not appear from nothing.
It is the effect of something…
hours, days, weeks, and years of hard labor and dedication.”

“The top teams in any team sport have consistency and synergy.”

“Football teaches you to work hard.”
In both business and football, it takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to achieve spectacular outcomes.”

“Discrimination is an illness.”

“There is no traffic on the extra mile.”

“Winning isn’t getting ahead of others.
It’s a case of getting ahead of yourself.”

“If NASCAR racing gets any more exciting, I might pass out.”

“Even if they are paid differently, everyone needs to feel valued.”

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“At a car dealership, the hero is the person who sells the automobile and also receives the commission.
However, if the mechanics do not properly service the vehicle, the customer will not return.”

“Nothing good happens in life or in sports until a lot of hard work precedes the attempt.”
Taking shortcuts only leads to momentary success.”

“Brokers lead significant accounts in the commercial real estate industry.
But they wouldn’t have clients unless they had construction supervisors.”

“It wasn’t a nice game, and Jerry’s eyes were everything but friendly.”
That day, he was very cruel.
He was completely out of control and should have been dismissed.”

“A lot of people come into contact with the customer.”

“It’s fine to have personal objectives, but you must bring someone along with you.”

“As a co-owner, I’ll be more than an admirer… but a worried wreck.”

“When the service academies play each other, there’s usually something exceptional that you don’t see in any other game.”
Everyone participating understands that this is not a typical game.”

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“I’m eager to be an owner; it’s gotten my competitive blood flowing.”
“I’m terrified, but also excited.”

“I’m sorry to say that.
I want to win every race, but I realize that’s not going to happen.
If we have any luck this year, we can finish in the top 25.
But being in the chase or anything like that is completely unrealistic.”

“We have a better chance of it happening faster in racing since we have attracted good people to work for us.”
It’s the start of a tremendous experience, and we’re excited about it.”

“I’m still learning a lot about NASCAR.”
But I’ve discovered that if you have the right people in the right locations doing the right things, you can be successful in everything.”

“At our company, our Design and Construction Consulting Service Team not only helps eliminate construction hazards, but they also save our clients 5% – 10% on overall construction expenses.”
They also help to ensure that projects are completed on time.”

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“My sport didn’t pay me enough to retire.”

“Service football is highly respected and competitive.”
They’ve won several important games.”

“I was fortunate to be an only child.”
I had two parents that I adored and who adored me, so I got off to a terrific start.”

“I’ve always tried to balance my life by doing what’s beneficial for myself while also considering how it affects others.”

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